Euro Job Search Engines

I couple o’ months ago in the Industry Standard or Biz 2.0 or some other magazine, they listed a bunch of job search engines (including the usual Monster, HotJobs, etc.). Anyway, I’m TRYING to remember the ones they had for Europe. Does ANYONE know what they are?

Off the top of my head, the ones I can think of are Silicon, StepStone, Monster, JobLoop, JobWorld, Workthing, JobPilot, InRetail and Reed.

They’re certainly UK-focused, and most cover Europe as well (Monster, Reed, StepStone definitely). The URLs should be the name and, or if that fails, .com.

Well, if I remember correctly,
the “Monster” of Europe is
You’ll want to try various country specific endings.
There’s also for UK, Germany and others.

also here’s a list form Google (google rules)

Good Luck!

I think Jobserve is everything you could possibly want:

And the UK version of Monster is… uh…

I made a tidy living for years just via contracts obtained by submitting my details to Jobserve. Submit your CV (resume) once, and sit by the phone. That’s it.

If it’s Ireland you want (lotsa jobs, easy work permits, shitty pay) try

Fantastic Worldwide site