Europe, Asia and Africa taking a drink from the Ohio.

The alien overlords who observe our world are bored so here’s their idea for the next season. They want to test if Abe Lincoln’s quote that;
“All the armies of Europe, Asia, and Africa combined, with all the treasure of the earth (our own excepted) in their military chest, with a Bonaparte for a commander, could not by force take a drink from the Ohio or make a track on the Blue Ridge in a trial of a thousand years.”

So, they have mind-controlled all the nations of the Old World to make them believe that taking a drink by force from the Ohio River is the most important war objective ever, and have put aside their differences to that end.

To make things fair they’ve also used their fictitious technology on the Americans, so they’ll know that they must defend the river against the advances of the Afro-Eurasian alliance at all costs.

Nukes will be disabled in flight as that will end the fun too quickly. Alien TV seasons last 10 years (1000 might drag on a bit); so the Old World must take a drink before then or America wins. The rest of the New World, Canada, Mexico etc. are strictly neutral and cannot get involved on either side. The aliens will then press the reset button and give the winners the technology to create holobrothels, so the stakes are high.

Who do you bet on?

It would be extremely messy, but I’d have to believe that the UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, and especially Russia would be able to push to the Ohio river if they were united and determined to.

ETA: Oh and I forgot about China and Japan too. Yeah we wouldn’t have a chance against a united force like that.

Oh, meant to say too that the Aussies and Kiwis sit this one out along with the rest of the New World; this is Team Eurafrasia.

Vice did an article on it

Logistically I just don’t see how enough Asian/European/African/etc. troops could be ferried across the Pacific and Atlantic.

It’s one thing to have 1 billion troops, another thing to be able to transport them across huge oceans while the US Navy is marauding and sinking at will.

Oh, nitpick - how many Euroafrasians need to take a drink in order to “win?” Just 1 person? 100,000? 50 million?
If it’s just a few people, then a sneaky infiltration and drink by a handful of Euroafrasian secret agents or commandos would be virtually impossible to defend against.

Seems like he agrees with honest Abe that the oceans cannot be stepped over no matter what the numbers.

ETA; @ Velocity, I understand Lincoln to mean that their armies have secured it and can drink out of it at will, sneaking one bloke in to have a sip doesn’t seem to be in the spirit of his quote.

By the way, I think I like alien TV shows.

I would think the US Navy would be one of the first targets. Imagine all bombers and missiles from the UK, Germany, France, Russia, and China.

Okay, I see.

In that case I think the USA should be favored to win in the 10-year scenario given. If it were to get to 50 or 100 years, though, Europe, Africa and Asia would probably out-birth, out-manufacture and out-everything the USA to the point of America no longer being able to hold them off any longer.

The hardest part for the invading force, by far, would be crossing the sea with troops en masse. As superior as our ground and air forces are to other militaries, our Navy is even more lopsided.

If they could get a significant landing force to our shores, then we’d probably be toast, after an extremely bloody war. But I’m not sure that they could get a significant force across the sea intact.

If the American citizenry is involved and motivated, too, that could also easily be tens of millions of people armed with guns, lining the Ohio River. And those without guns, could be issued guns - the weapons factories would be churning out arms big time.

Homefield advantage would be a big factor for the USA.

Hmmm is Canada factored into this? It’s be hella easy for an army to invade the US from Canada; the Ohio river isn’t too far from the border too. If the Canadian border is the “American Normandy” Eurafrasia would be drinking from that river in much less then 1,000 years.

I think it would be hard not to have American militias involved, if enemy troops have violated her soil.

Like the rest of the New World she’s strictly neutral, although if the Old World wants to invade through Canada then one imagines the Canucks become firm allies with the Americans as nothing annoys a country as much as having ones territorial sovereignty and neutrality violated for an alien game show.

It’s 10 years.

The Ohio River, seems like the fountain of youth. :slight_smile:

I think the US Navy and Air Force would prevail. Those nations really can’t project force the way the US can. All the US has to do is defend, and that’s going to be nearly impossible to overcome.

Obama will order the US Navy to head for Alaska, thus opening the doors for a mass invasion. Since he’s from Kenya.

Those countries have very few bombers capable of doing anything significant - the Russian Tu-160 is the only one that comes to mind, and it would be no match for F-15, F-16, F-22 and F-35 interceptors waiting for it.
Missiles from those countries = very few, except ICBMs and SLBMs which could be stripped of nuclear warheads and made conventional instead - but even then, just a mere pinprick to the USA.

Does the US, plus either Mexico or Canada*, have enough oil to last for a ten year war?

  • I’m assuming at least one of these get’s dragged into it, because I’d expect a surprise amphibious invasion of a previously neutral country would be easier than directly invading the US.