European Union Should be Changed to Earth Union

Why are only Aryans allowed to join? What the Hell???

Apparently the Magyars and Finns managed to sneak in.

ETA: and the Maltese.

No way. As soon as you have an Earth Union that’s when the Sckzzarxx will invade.

And the Turks are working on getting in.

There are plenty of non-Aryans living in the EU already - whatever an Aryan is nowadays.

Personally I think the EU should be extended to whichever countries can meet the entry criteria. Most people in the EU wouldn’t agree with this though.

However one defines ‘Aryans’, I’m pretty sure that quite a lot of non-Aryans are citizens of the EU.

What I’m more interested in is those extra question marks. Would the OP mind explaining why he or she felt four was the correct number?

And furthermore, why won’t they let Iceland join SEATO? Is it racism???

How many times do I have to remind you people, the Icelandics are no-goodniks? They eat smoked fish and are probably closet Aryans too.

And Spaniards, Portuguese and Greeks.

I’m perfectly happy to extend the treaties to countries that meet entry criteria: it keeps happening all the time. What I have no idea is what entry criteria does Virgil Tibbs think the EU has.

I’d love for them to change from “Europe” to “Earth”. That way, next time they get a Nobel Peace Prize, I can consider myself a Nobel Peace Prize winner like the citizens of all EU nations already do!

(I still haven’t come down from my high of being named Time’s Person of the Year)

Of course. If free trade and migration are good for one region, they’re good for everyone. People and goods should be free to follow the money wherever it takes them, because free markets.

Given that SEATO has had exactly 0 members since 1977, there is no “they” that won’t let Iceland in.

That just means they’re racist towards everybody! Including themselves!

I did know that SEATO disbanded in 1977 but why ruin a good joke/point with facts?

The EU is an economic union based on the idea that Europe is an area that would benefit from a joint economy. It’s inefficient to have countries constantly exchanging money when they’re as small as some of the ones that Europe has. It’d be like having to change money when crossing state borders in the US, or crossing provinces in Canada. However, you can’t expand it to include too many countries because different areas have different economic circumstances. The US and Zimbabwe can’t have the same set of economic standards and practices.

It’s good to see we have new members from Colorado.

Wow, so European = Aryan. We could have avoided a lot of unpleasantness if the guys in swastikas had understood that 80 years ago.

There’s also the line of argument that the EU already has countries of such different economic circumstances, that you already have major economic imbalances from region to region. Germany vs. Greece is frequently mentioned. The argument is made that the EU isn’t working well, and can’t work well, and was a bad deal from the get-go.

Krugman, in particular, makes this argument routinely. Just google up almost anything he has written about the EU in recent years.

And, if that argument has any legs to it, we should expand the EU or even make it global? Or should we disband it and have each nation revert to its own currency, restoring the status quo ante? – Even Krugman argues that, with the EU already in place, that it would be a monster of a mess to try to undo it now.

ETA: And yes, even in the United States, look at the economic imbalances from state to state. We have some states notorious for being overall extremely poor, compared to some other relative “rich” states. Somehow, it doesn’t all even out like it was “sposed” to.

I think that’s an argument against the Euro, not the EU.

It is only when the world unites will the Federation of Planets allow Earth to join.

By the way, Turkey can’t join: their skin is a little too brown. Maybe if they bleached their skin like Michael Jackson did, bleached their hair, got colored contact lenses, and then changed their names to European ones.

Why can’t we just be called the United States of Earth and become one big planet-wide country?