Eurovision song from maybe ten years ago

About five or six years ago, someone here on the SDMB posted a link to a song from a recent (at that time) Eurovision that didn’t win, but was in their opinion the best song of that year’s competition. I’m not sure where in the rankings it ended up, it may have been in the top 5 or the bottom 10, I just know it wasn’t a winner.

I kept a copy of that song for years afterwards because I enjoyed it so much, but my PC crashed since and I lost it, and now Eurovision is on again I am reminded of it.

The song was a very simple solo tune, by a female singer, maybe 30 years old, a brunette, accompanied by a guy on an acoustic guitar. There was no dancing or flashy costumes or any kind of gimmick, it was just a sweet little song. The lyrics were not English, I think they were maybe East European, with lots of Ks and Zs and such.

I would really like to listen to it again.

I believe that someone was me, and the song in question was Hungary’s 1994 entry, the snappily-titled “Kinek Mondjam el Vétkeimet?”. As newcomers to Eurovision, Hungary made the beginner’s mistake of submitting a really nice song performed by a competent singer. This confused the voters greatly, and it only came fourth.

Here it is:

Brilliant! That’s exactly it. Thank you for exposing me to this wonderful song, you have wonderful taste. :slight_smile: