Euthanasia in Movies

Character 1 finds badly injured best friend, character 2.

Character 1: oh my God! Don’t talk, lie still!
Character 2: I’m Done for. I dont want to die like this. Please… Kill me…
Character 1: No! No, I cant!
Character 2: Please… I mean, really. Please.
Character 1: Eh, alright.

Character 1 kills character 2 with whatever is close to hand, rock, shovel, anything at all, usually in a brutal and painful manner as opposed to say, a quick neck break.
Man, I could live without this scene ever again. I’d post examples, but theres no way to avoid spoilers…

I like the ones where the main guy is dying ,so naturally he hires a hitman to kill him.Then ,the main guy has to live and spends the rest of the movie running from the hitman
As an aside,I liked the Moonlighting joke about euthansia being the Chinese boy scouts

You forgot to mention wrenching the water fountain off its pedestal, hurling through the window, and running off into the night.

Ok, heres one from alien:resurrection, unspoilered because im sure no one gives a fuck.

Ripley and co. arrive in a room full of the failed ripley clones, including one still alive, who begs to be killed. Ripley, in all her kindness, opts to kill said clone with…

The flame thrower. Not, of course, a bullet to the head. Humane, Rip. Nice one.

Just a quick note, cleanly breaking a neck isn’t as easy as they make out in the movies.


While, on the whole, I was disappointed in Saving Private Ryan, the one part of it that didn’t strike me as a war cliche was when they administered enough morphine to euthanize the wounded soldier. I think that combat medics in many wars have faced a decision where euthanasia was the only real option but this was the first movie I’ve seen where the choice was made on screen. The bullet to kill a wounded soldier in no man’s land always felt like a cliche to me. This felt real. IMHO it was one of the saving graces in a movie that rang just about every war cliche it could in the space of 2 1/2 hours.

What do “guy gets captured by a savage enemy with no chance of escape or rescue ,and is about to get horribly killed/tortured, so the hero shoots him” situations count as?

If they qualify, I can think of a few. (The Sand Pebbles; Last of the Mohicans; Star Trek: First Contact; Starship Troopers; Serenity…etc.)

Starship Troopers had two battlefield scenes where doc bullet comes to the rescue.

Was it euthanasia? I had figured that they were just doping him out of his mind while his guts pored out.

Yeah, I didn’t think they had nearly enough morphine to kill him there. He was gonna be agoner within minutes anyway, and drug overdoses are not very quick.

I can’t really speak to it. But I’ve heard the phrase ‘One for pain…two for eternity.’ regarding those morphine sticks.

I still remember the “mercy killing” in The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Don’t let me burn!

– The Great Waldo Pepper

Quite interestingly, the reporters of Fox Friends, while discussing potential Mercy Killings during Katrina, suggested that regardless of whether any such thing had actually taken place here, it was a subject that should be discussed as they could imagine that there would be circumstances under which this was really the most humane thing to do.

In the mini-series The Far Pavilions an Indian widow fully intends to let herself burn on her husband’s funeral pyre, in the rite of suttee. But as the flames surround her she realizes she’s made a big mistake and screams in fear, but there’s no way out. “Our hero”, played by Ben Cross, is observing from some distance away, and he has a rifle, so he takes aim and shoots her.

In re Saving Private Ryan, my take on the scene was that they’d already given him 2 or 3 shots. Someone told the medic to give him another one and he said that he couldn’t. The implication to me that another shot would kill him. The medic then looked at the captain who nodded to go ahead and give him the shot. It was never spoken aloud but it seemed clear to me that it was obvious that he was beyond help so they gave him the extra shot to end his pain.

And space honey.