EVA guitar? (Guitar ID)

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I just decided to take guitar up (to get the ladies of course) and I brought it into the store today and the machine heads were broken (or something like that). The man at the counter seemed a little dumbfounded to the brand of guitar and I was wondering myself.
On the top of the neck it says EVA. In the hollow part (guitar experts don’t kill me, I’m new) it had/has a sticker in poor condition but it said something along the lines of EVA The Finest Quality Music.

I looked all over the web and found nothing. Nothing on Google except Eva Cassidy guitar tabs, nothing on ebay, and now I’ve turned to the dope.


There are several makes of guitar which the average player is unaware of. Many bargain-priced starter guitars are produced and distributed by no-name, small time companies. None but the big names actually have web sites, so for all we know, EVA could have gone out of business years ago.