Vester guitars...

anyone know anything about the company that made them?

I recently bought a used one, and was curious about the company, as I had never heard of Vester before… I can’t seem to find anything online!

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I did an internet search and you don’t appear to be alone. I saw several sites where people said they had tried to find information on the company but couldn’t find anything. One guy said that he had heard the the company was in Germany, but has found nothing else. Weird hunh?

Maybe we could get an ID based on the guitar’s construction:

How old does the guitar look? Is it a hollowbody or solid body? What type of wood is it made out of? How heavy/well-balanced/well-made is it? What type of hardware? Are there any brand names on the hardware (if the original hardware hasn’t been replaced)?

The name sounds like it could be an old Japanese brand from the Sixties, sorta like Ventura, etc… There were a lot of these guitars made, and they tend to be of similar quality (cheap and noisy–I like them!)

Wierd! It sounds like I’m not gonna get too far on this one…

cornflakes, I’ll answer your questions as best I can…

How old does the guitar look? It’s hard to say… it has been re-painted, and looks as if the original hardware may have been changed (and will be again, soon!:slight_smile: ). It could be anywhere from 5 years old to 20! As for the hardware currently on it: it has 2 rugular pickups, and 1 humbucker near the bridge. Also has 2 rheostat knobs (one volume and one tone), and three very small switches below the knobs (none of the above has any labels or brand names, and either one of the switches is bad or the humbucker is bad… haven’t determined which yet…)

*Is it a hollowbody or solid body? * It’s solid body.

*What type of wood is it made out of? * I don’t know. The body looks as if it’s made of a dark hardwood, and the neck is a very light colored wood… but I don’t know enough about wood to even guess what kinds…

How heavy/well-balanced/well-made is it? It’s pretty heavy for an electric… haven’t weighed it (and I’m not home now so I can’t). At a guess: 15-20lbs. Seems pretty well-balanced, and also seems fairly well-made for a cheapy guitar.

No, it is not a high quality guitar, but it’s a hell of a lot of fun to play!

Not a lot of information to work with, I know…

Paydirt! Sounds like it was a Korean company, and pretty well liked.

Thanks to this search on Google.

In the early 70s, an acquaintance of mine had one, but we were more interested in his Gibson hollow body.

Thanks, cornflakes, but there’s still no info about the company that made them… Maybe “Baehan Technology”?

I’m gonna try searching on that…

Someone who says they were made by the Sae Han Corporation for Samuel Music:

(217) 522-5006

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Somehow in my searching I skipped right over that one…

Thank you! Now I can figure out where the damn thing came from!

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