Evaluate my n ew E-business idea!

I’ve got the software and web site almost ready. I thought
I would run the idea by the SDMB before we opened for business.

Keyster (Our slogan: Save your keister with key-ster!)
Sometimes you lock your keys in your car, or you are right near a friends car who you KNOW wouldn’t mind if you borrow their car, except you don’t have their key. KEYSTER to the rescue! Just use our Keyster browser: Enter the licence late number of the car with your celluar phone’s keypad. Through the miracle of Keyster technology, a key will be teleported to your location. Open the car up, and off you go!
Keyster users decide what keys to make available to others using the Keyster browser, and what content to download. Don’t worry about this too much as some people with less scruples than you will make available every key for every car made by GM, Ford, Toyota… all the big car companies. Our service is a GODSEND to small car companies: A lot of people will borrow keys to those cars and drive around. People will see the new car and say “Hey, that’s a great little Yugo. I wanna buy me one o’ them”.

The key codes that you locate using Keyster are not stored on Keyster’s servers. Keyster does not, and cannot, control what keys are available to you using the Keyster browser.

Keyster respects property law and expects our users to do the same. Unauthorized driving away of someone else’s car is an infringement of their rights. As a condition to your account with Keyster, you agree that you will not use the Keyster service to infringe the property rights of others
in any way (wink, wink, nudge, nudge).
Keyster will terminate the accounts of users who are repeat violators, when we can find the time to get around to it.
I’m thinking of a spin-off business where you tell me your address, (or your “friends” address) and I’ll get you a key to your house if you have locked yourself out…

If, rather than keys, you could teleport duplicates of cars that have twice as many miles on them than the originals, your business might be as successful as Napster. In that instance, users would be taking possession of a lousy copy rather than someone else’s actual property. As you’ve described it though, your idea is so obviously illegal that it merits no comment.

The best thing you can think of for teleporter technology is lost keys? :rolleyes: I think your business comprehension is about as good as your forum comprehension.

And why wouldn’t you just teleport the person’s OWN keys to them?
[sub]ignoring ALL the other problems at the moment[/sub]

It took me two readings to recognize the satiric thrust that djbdjb intended to be obvious.

However, it was a noble effort.

There was just something…

Sort of like the difference between Beethoven pecking away at the keys, and me pecking away at the keys:)