Well back in my IRCing days, a guy in #apprentice in efnet got mad or frustrated and while typing a sentence with excessive punctuation and all caps accidentally typed “evar” instead of “ever.” We kind of adopted that as an inside joke and used it every once in a while. That was around 5 years ago. I still use it once in a while but none of my new friends use it or have even heard it muttered by anyone else.

It seems like some straight dopers use it though. Anyone have a clue on how it got started or at least where you first saw it?

Caught on in your group because it has the charm of invoking a ridiculous & overly emphatic & self-important voice I presume, same as why it caught on elsewhere. It’s been around for a long while. I remember it from a BBS chatroom in the late 80s.

I think it’s the sort of thing which would have been “re-discovered” by completely disparate groups.

I think it’s cute though. But then, I like “kitteh” too, soooo… :smiley:

quake iz the bezt thing thats evar happined” - July 3, 1996

Sorry, but do you think #apprentice invented “evar” in 2003?

actually 5 years is not early enough. It was more like 2000. Doesn’t matter because I was only 10 in 1996. But yes, that’s where I first saw it

As for where it came from originally, it’s like asking who first misspelled the as ‘teh’. As for who made it popular, I seem to remember it playing prominently with Homestar Runner.

FWIW, I remember first seeing it spelled that way when people were quoting Comic Book Guy from the Simpsons (Worst. Episode. Evar.).

My wife and I have been saying it for years completely independent of the internet, because people in my family have a tendency to proclaim their every experience the best (or worst) thing EVAR! I mean right down to the most mundane thing you can imagine. Potato salad at a deli is the worst potato salad EVAR! A walk in the park is the best walk EVAR! A movie or tv show or quote heard on the radio is the funniest EVAR!

And now that I think of it, we still make fun of them for it but I haven’t heard any of them do it for awhile. Must’ve been a phase.

Usually associated with Teenage girls

What Evaaaaaaaaar


It’s been used on 4chan’s /b/ (among other boards there) for as long as I can remember (although usually in the word “nevar” as in “NEVAR 4GET!”).*

*as long as I can remember being since at least 2004.

For the record, though, Homestar Runner is a fucking piece of shit.