What popular phrases did you invent?

A couple of times in my life I’ve come up with witty phrases. I’m pretty sure that I didn’t hear them from anyone else first, but who knows? Now they are in sort-of common usage. Maybe I’m a witty trendsetting genius. Maybe they’re so obvious that they have had multiple genesis. Maybe I heard them from someone else and just forgot. Anyway, they are:

Mind like a steel sieve.

It ain’t rocket surgery.

Has this ever happened to you?

in high school some of my friends and I were talking about what porno music sounds like, and I said you know Bow chicka wow wow. And now today I see it on axe commercials. Go figure.

Asshat, fuckwit, analstain, vomitus mass.

No, I haven’t come up with any.

I’ve come up with this one on my own. I’ve heard it elsewhere, so I assume lots of other people have, as well.
As I’ve mentioned before, Pepper Mill claims that she came up with “It’s not the years – it’s the mileage” ages before it was used in Raiders of the Lost Ark (Her dad was, among other things, a used car salesman. Which means I’m not allowed to make jokes about them). She also says she came up with “Ship’s Cleavage” as a description of Marina Sirtis’ Counselor Troi from ST:NG

I swear to god, I thought my group was the only one to say “X 2, Electric Boogaloo” to everything that was an apparent sequel (not just movies, but anything really). But now everyone says it. I think it’s just one of those jokes that come natural.

No bout adoubt it.

This hasn’t caught on, but it should.

Rather than calling someone an asshole or a jerk or something similar, I call them a cheese log. Feel free to us it. Don’t let the **cheese logs ** get you down!


Popular by what standards? I did have an insult that was very popular with my group of friends and was beginning to spread to friend’s friends and even friend’s friend’s friends.

I invented this term completely on accident. I had a friend in the USAF with the last name of Holder. As is customary in the military, everyone calls everyone by their last name.

Well, we were playing Madden on PS2 and Holder managed to get a touchdown and also happened to know the code to make his guy do a victory dance in the endzone.

I said, “You’re a cock, Holder”. I called him a cock as in someone who is being cocky. Everyone else in the room heard, “You’re a cockholder” and histeria ensued. From that day forth, cockholder became a popular new term in my friends’ vocabulary.

I have a friend last name Haybler that never brings his wallet. We’ll all go out, buy rounds, then when it’s his turn he suddenly “forgot” his wallet. He then delves into this routine where he spins around on his barstool checking the floor around him, stands up, check his pockets, goes through his coat pockets, empties his pockets so we can see his keys, phone, cigarettes, etc, the whole time mumbling about how he thinks it’s here somewhere, wonders where he could’ve left it, etc.

We call this the “Haybler Shuffle.”

I’ve fallen prey before to thinking I invented it, only to realize later it came from a movie, book, etc. and lodged into my subconscious…

About a year ago, things were tough at work. I said to a co-worker, “If I were a chicken, I’d say it’s ‘flustered cluck’ time.”

Or maybe, just maybe, it’s from an actual movie. Like this one from 1984.

“Don’t let the door hit you where the good Lord split you.”

Maybe you’ve heard it. Yeah, that was all me, baby. Go ahead and look it up on Wikipedia.

I understand it’s from the movie. I didn’t think anyone actually saw it or used the title in that way.

Ok, I misunderstood, but it’s pretty obvious that multiple people would start using it and it wouldn’t have started from one bunch of kids.

That’s why I said in retrospect, it seemed like a natural joke to make. Probably selection bias on my part, but I didn’t really hear anyone else using it until a few years ago.

We’re not laughing at you, we’re laughing ABOUT you. I made this up years and years ago and saw it on the SDMB today. Probably just not very original, but it’s always amused me.

“Pass the spinach”
Meaning: to ignore something odd or bizarre going on near you.

Ok, it hasn’t yet caught on nationally, or even locally, yet. But I’ve gotten some of the younger guys I work with using it, and I really think that within a few years it’s going to be big.

Origins: My friends Cindy and Jim’s apartment with a few other friends of theirs, maybe 8 people total. Everyone except me was drinking fairly heavily (I’m not really into alcohol). Music was blasting, and everyone was pretty much yelling to be heard above the music, and each others yelling. I’m actually kind of surprised no one called the cops. Anyhow, at some Jim goes into the kitchen and comes out holding this huge bag of frozen spinach. He handed it to me and said something. “What?” I yelled, but he’d already disappeared into another room. I’ve no idea why the hell this guy handed me this spinach or what I was supposed to do with it. So, without saying anything, I just passed it to the person sitting next to me. She was engaged in an animated drunken conversation with someone else. She glanced down at the spinach I’d just given her and resumed her drunk conversation. After a few minutes, again without comment, she passed the spinach to the person she’d been talking to. The frozen spinach continued its way around the room in this fashion, with people accepting the bag without comment, holding it for a few minutes, then passing it to someone else. Finally the bag made its way back to Jim (who was now back in the room), and he put it back in the freezer.

Next day I ask Jim what was up with the spinach. He said Cindy mentioned that it was my favorite vegetable. I say that I hate spinach and even if I liked it, what was I supposed to do with a bag of frozen spinach? Was I supposed to cook it and eat it or something? He’s trying to puzzle that one out (must’ve been pretty hung over still), when Cindy walks out and asks what’s going on. I repeat the story of the passing of the spinach and she can’t stop laughing. I tell them I am going to invent a new catch phrase, “Pass the spinach”, and my goal is to have everyone in the country saying it.

So, next time you see something inexplicable happening in front of you, just “pass the spinach” and ignore it.

“Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.”

JFK - plaigerist

I invented santorum.

And the word for it.

[simpsons]He would make outrageous claims like he invented the question mark.[/simpsons]

I’m in the middle of an attempt to popularize the phrase “giant humming bee attack” for vibrating cell phones. I’ve gotten two people at work to start using it. Someday, when it’s popular, you all can say you heard it here. :smiley: