Eve - fashion question, please!

You had mentioned in another thread you had a copy made of the Marilyn Monroe dress from “Something’s Got To Give”.

Do you know where I could find a pattern for the “Cherry Jubilee” dress she wears in “The Misfits”? As well as advice on finding a similar fabric?



I have a fashion question for Eve too.

This has been bugging me for at least a year, maybe two. She stated that you’re not to wear navy with tan. I want to know exactly why I can’t wear navy with tan.

I’ve done it a few times over the past year and I wonder how many people are pointing and laughing at me behind my back.

I’m dying for a pair of red espedrilles. Eve – talk me down.

It’s because Eve said so. If that isn’t enough I can’t help you further.

  1. Gosh, I know nothing of patterns, I’m sorry to say. I have a “wonderful little woman who runs things up for me.” I got the fabric in the gommint district, and gave it to her with several photos of the dress in question. Several fittings later, and Bob’s your uncle!

  2. Navy actually looks fine with khaki or light tan. It’s brown that would look hideous with navy. Navy is a very trying color to coordinate.

  3. Get the red espadrilles.

Really? Crap. I think navy with tan looks rather nice. I have a pair of navy and tan spectator pumps, stack heel, round toe, very 1947, that I adore. Of course, if EVE tells me I must set them afire, I will do so, but not without tears.

Oh, thank goodness. :: Mops brow ::

Seriously, I love these shoes. I’d hate to think I’ve been walking tall, all “check out my cute retro shoes,” when in fact I was a fashion faux pas. I’m not infrequently a fashion faux pas, but not when I have these shoes on – they are just that cute. :slight_smile:

While we’re asking fashion questions-

How low should the tails on a cutaway coat reach?

What a relief! I’ve been worrying about this ever since I read the thread in which you made the no navy with brown declaration several years ago. You are, you know, one of my reliable sources of information regarding good taste, as I have none myself.

Why should one only wear odd numbered strands of pearls (1, 3, 5, ect)?

Spectator pumps are the coolest. I shall own a pair before I die. I’m thinking more camel and cream, though.

To the knees. Though you might try one of those new tailless coats that Vernon Castle has been seen in. They’re rather modern and daring, and much handier for dancing.

Because “that is what’s done.” Its one of those rules with absolutely no rhyme or reason, but one stamps oneself “NOKD” if one breaks it. (Shhhh, I have broken it once or twice myself).

Only the haughtiest of dowagers can get away with more than three strands, by the way.

Thank you, but my goal is to resemble Gary Cooper (I’m tryin’ mighty hard).

You might try to have Lupe Velez hanging off your neck, then. She makes a great accessory.

I’m glad to see that someone still knows the “odd numbered strands of pearls” rule. Everyone I’ve mentioned it to has looked at me like I’ve got rocks in my head. (Well, if I do, they’re diamonds, baby!)

Speaking of which…say Eve, is it still the rule that it’s “vulgar” to wear diamonds in the daylight hours, and colored gemstones at any time? Those 2 break my heart. (Actually, I break those 2 every day, but I want dispensation from the “vulgar” or “bad taste” appellation.)

Try the Costumers’ Manifesto.

Oh, and Eve, recently I saw a picture of the Queen of Great Britain herself wearing a DOUBLE strand of pearls!


Ah, perhaps it includes a way to make my stovepipe hat stand up. The buckram I bought, despite assurances to the contrary, did not survive a trip through the wash.

Due to the Queen’s long and glorious reign and generally being the non-nutcase of the royal family, she is declared exempt from rules such as the ‘odd number of strands of pearls’ edict.

So what about the latest turquoise and brown trend? I thought it was horrible but it is starting to grow on me–I’m very suggestible.