Eve Faw Down An' Go Boom

Get better quickly Eve. You will be missed.

Let’s forget the crampons, and just get Eve a Sherpa to piggyback her to work.
They don’t mind.

Well I wish you a speedy recovery at least. I guess it goes to show it takes a lot more than homicidal paving to keep the best of us down. :slight_smile:

We all know it’s just a way of making the teeming millions to come round and visit.

When come, bring carpet.

Hope everything gets better soon :slight_smile:

One of those damned sidewalks attacked me last week and I’m still limping. Feel better soon, Eve.

I live in mortal fear of those giant, yet unexpected cracks in the sidewalks - I feel your pain!

Good luck with the recovery process & I hope to see you back here ASAP.

Does this mean we can talk trash about her without fearing retaliation from her laser-sharp wit?

[obscure 80s pop reference]Duran Duran went looking for cracks in the pavement so you wouldn’t have to.[/O80sPR]


One of the songs on Seven and the Ragged Tiger is called “(Looking for) Cracks in the Pavement”


I could never allow the besmirchment of a lady’s honor that way!

So, she “hurt her hand” on a “sidewalk.” Mhm. Is that what they’re calling it these days?

Get well soon, sweetheart.

i hope you heal quickly, eve. lot’s of ice cream and chocolate helps build up the calcium levels.

Ice cream and chocolate—hmm—sounds good.

Take it easy, Eve. We’ll be thinking of you.

Well, I always thought you were a trip.

HA! But I kid. Get well soon.

Getcha self one of them helper monkeys.

Miss you already, Eve, get better soon!

sends kisses and best wishes your way

I knew you were just asking for trouble with this thread title.

Get well soon.

Geez sorry to hear that Eve.

Get better real soon now.

On the bright side, perhaps that injured pinky will be permanently in the “tea-sipping-up” position.

Seriously, though, your injuries sound vexing, and I wish you a speedy and pain-free recovery.

I hope you feel better soon, and remember this while you recover:

“What Would Vernon Castle Do?”


I’ll drop a flower on his grave for you, Eve–the foliage is reaching peak up here in the Cemetery.

Carolyn, Woodlawn, the Bronx

Get to posting again soon, Eve, even if it is in the e. e. cummings style.

Your wit and insight is one of the things I can count on here. In fact, I miss it already.

**Eve, ** as a person who falls and goes boom with embarassing frequency, I send my sympathies, and hope that you feel better soon. (Sucks, doesn’t it? Damn gravity!)

Ouch! Get better quick, Eve!