Eve Faw Down An' Go Boom

Damn those sidewalks, anyway! Who needs em? Coincidentally, my mother had surgery on her right hand last week, so she’s unable to use it. She’s discovered the comfort of Vicodin, though, and that goes a long way towards consoling her. I hope you have something comparable, and I hope you get better soon.

Eve, get well soon. And remember going on a laudanum jag is not the answer.

Eve faw down an’ go boom? Is that how Pwincess Pwecious would say it? :smiley:
Hope you mend up soon.

Pwincess Pwecious :shudders:

Of course, our very own Eve has been done away with by that evil, soft-R’ed minx, who will now take her place on the boards. My Og, it’s unimaginable! :eek: :smiley:

Nothing’s broken, so at least there’s that.

Get well and stuff.

All toether now…

“East Side, West Side,
All around the town,
The tots sang Ring-a-Rosie,
`Eve Golden is Falling Down!
Boys and girls together,
Me and Mamie O’Rorke,
Tripped the biography writer
On The Sidewalks Of New York”

I think Eve is gonna hurt plnnr bad for that. :smiley:

Get well soon dear. You know how rowdy we get if our room matron doesn’t check in to make sure we’re behaving.

Eve! You are not allowed to be hurt! Stop that right now and get back out here and post!

Hey, I’m going through withdrawal … :slight_smile:

Say, what if we all chipped in and bought her voice-to-text software?

Soak that arm with Epsom Salts, Eve.
And “Talk Like A Pirate” Day was last month. :slight_smile:

Get better soon Eve, we miss you (as you can tell) .

::Plumps Eve’s pillows and hands her a nice hot chocolate with marshmellows::

he wouldn’t have fallen down in the first place – thanks, all – ow ow ow – wish i weren’t allergic to anything stronger than aspirin – slow week at work so i can’t just sit here, have to try and goof off on board –

It’s always a good time to talk like a pirate. Falling and hurting your wrist, on the other hand- less cool. Get better soon, Eve. If you’re missing too long, it will have a Valentino Effect on the board. People will be too grief-stricken to go on…

Get well soon Eve!

One question remains, Eve. After you have fallen, can you get up?

Get well soon.

And just what is it you like to do with that left hand, hmmmmm? :dubious:

I’m sorry! I’m sorry! Waddya expect from a moronic moose?
Anyhew, get well, Eve. In the meantime we’ll see if we can’t get Cecil to do something about that damnable law of gravity (time for a regime change in physics, methinks).

well, my right hand/wrist is in a brace and pretty much useless for a week or two, and my left arm, shoulder and knee are all bruised, as i think i bounced a few times before skidding to a halt and taking the skin off my palms – must have been highly comical in the abstract, but not so much on the concrete –

Well, even if you boggled the dismount, I’m sure you got decent points for artistic expression

Get better soon Eve. I’m sure you fell on your ass with dignity and style. :slight_smile:

Miss Golden regrets
She’s unable to post today
Miss Golden regrets
She’s unable to post today
And she’s sorry to be delayed
But last evening on her sidewalk she was splayed
Miss Golden regrets
She’s unable to post today

Polycarp, you’re going to get killed if you keep this up, you know.