Eve Faw Down An' Go Boom

I received an e-mail from Eve (in the unintentional style of e. e. cummings) asking me to convey the following to the SDMB membership:

There’s prob’ly nothing broken, just bruises and lacerations. She’ll be on temporary hiatus from posting, but she will be reading.

Aw, hang in there Eve. MPSIMS surely won’t be half as entertaining without your contribution.

Wow. Well, I’m glad to hear it’s nothing serious. Hope Eve recovers and is back to posting quickly.

Get better soon, Eve!

Hope you have a speedy recovery! I guess this means a posponement of a resolution in the floor varnishing thread? Be careful from now on!

See, aren’t you glad now that you’re not employed as a defensive tackle or some other job where a four point stance would be required?

Sorry about your fist and phalanges, Eve, and hope that your quick recovery is painless as well.

Speedy recovery, Eve!

:slight_smile: Sharron

oh – and i would not frown on lowercase postings for a bit – if you get bored during your convalesence (and you will :wink: )


Sorry to hear that, hope you make it back soon.

Hey I’ve seen art painted by people using feet or even their mouth.
Just a thought :wink:

Wow, again with the sidewalks? Those things are evil. I hope you feel better soon, Eve.

Sock puppet! Sock puppet!

Watch a bunch of celebrities take this time period to die, while Eve is on the DL list.

Here is to quick healing!

I hope you get un-owie as soon as possible, but until then, I hope they give you the good prescription painkillers!

Well, if she’s still acerbic enough to submit a witty e-mail like that, she must not be too hurt. :wink:

Best wishes and speedy recovery, Eve.

now the sidewalk conspiratorists will come out of the woodwork.

get better eve.

or Bush will come hug you.

Do get well soon, Eve. If you don’t mind, I’ll be praying for your speedy recovery.

In the interim, you could stop “doing” Dorothy Parker for a while, and essay a few Don Marquis-esque works. :wink:

I think we should take up a collection to get Eve an ice axe and a pair of crampons so she can avoid these sorts of accidents in the future. She also needs a climbing partner who can belay her when she mounts the curb.

Feel better soon Eve. I’ve been there and it hurts. May I suggest a brace of Martinis and a masseur named Jorge? (My preference would be root beer and a masseuse named Helga, but to each his/her own.) :cool:

Feel better soon! (The first version said “Fell better soon” but I was pretty sure you wouldn’t think that was funny.)

Feel better hun!