EVE Online: Any good?

From what I understand, Eve online is a MMOG that’s Space-flight oriented. Anybody here play it? Is it fun? Any games that are similar to it in gameplay?

I happen to think EVE is a lot of fun to play. What I appreciate the most about the game is really being able to carve out a niche for my character - if I want to go out and be the best PVP person, I can train my skills and get to it. If I want to mine, trade, run missions, produce items - those are available too, so long as I train the skills. You aren’t locked out of anything in the game from the get-go.

When I started, I was pretty adamant about not wanting to do any fighting, and I didn’t for several months. Then I decided that fighting doesn’t look too bad, and I’m becoming pretty proficient at it. I still do the things that I enjoyed before turning to combat, but I added a whole new dimension to the game by training a new skillset.

One thing to note - there aren’t all that many Americans who play, it’s mostly Europeans. There are still plenty of folks around in US evening time, but it’s something to keep in mind if you want to join a player-run corp.

So, there’s not much of a curve when first starting out? I won’t be frustrated because everything I actually want to do isn’t possible until a higher level?

How tedious is leveling up? Do I have to spend lots of time on mindless activities gaining experience, or is the whole process pretty simple?

If you choose your character right (a lot of help in the eve-online newbie guide on their homepage) I don’t think you’ll have any frustration at all - the tutorial is good, an everything evolves naturally with the direction you carve out for your character - and even if you choose to change irection later on, nothing is really wasted.

I’ve playe EVE for little over a year - it’s still fun! It’s always fun to get better, richer and get bigger ships.

I’ say go for it and take the free 1 month trial.


There are no “levels” in EVE. Instead, you train skills - which train even when you’re offline. Definitely read up on the www.eve-online.com webpage about starting out - there’s a lot of good information, and having a good guide to start with will keep you from being terribly frustrated.

Naturally there will be some stuff you can’t do until you’ve been around for a while and have the skills trained to accomplish. BUT - skills take nothing more than time to train. There’s no “mash the button eight million times until you get another skill point” in EVE. Instead, you just click on the skill and it starts training. If you really study up, read the forums - www.eve-i.com is another good starting place - you can get a good feel for how you want skill training to go and not end up wasting time training things you don’t want to work on.