Eve Players

I’m getting back into Eve. I won’t be playing many hours, but I can do some semi-afk mining while I write and can churn over market orders with 10-20 mins a day. Also, I can get my online poker fix from Eve Online Hold 'Em (if they are still operating). It’s not the same as real money, but still . . .

This is my question, though. I have over 2 million skill points unassigned. Thanks to my heavy investment in the learning skills and CCP’s subsequent removal of said skills, that’s a lot. My char has about 16M SP without those. Where should I put them? I’m thinking a lot can go to gunnery, but am I overlooking something else? My char is a fairly well rounded Hulk pilot, prober, salvager, hacker, archaeologist. I know there is a lot of consensus that Hybrid turrets are a bit weak, but I’m Gallente and have already trained so much for those ships that starting over to get another race’s vessels seems a bit much. Also, fitting weapons with no ship bonuses is equally disappointing. I also pretty good market and leadership/corporation skills. Should I just try to train everything gunnery I can?

As a side note, the planetary mining/resourcing/whatever thing seems interesting, but I haven’t studied it in detail. Anyone have any experience with this? What do you think? Lastly, I’m unattached in game, if anyone has some suggestions for a corp let me know. I’m Erasmus Starstrider in game and go by “Razz” if you see me on the EOH tables. Thanks in advance and remember not to undock with anything you can’t afford to lose! :smiley:

I just tried the free trial.

I couldn’t even figure out how to do the first tutorial mission.

Terrible controls, endless windows that don’t want to close, a confusing mess of terminology, and nothing ever seems to happen except flying around space quietly.

What’s the attraction for this game?

I admit the character creation process was pretty detailed, but it really shouldn’t take me an hour to create a toon.

Crosstrain. Only roleplayers use one race’s ship over any others, and it really depends on what you want to do in the game.

PvP? The Hurricane, Maelstrom and Sabre are all deadly, so train minmater and projectile turrets.
PvE? The Dominix and the Ishtar are good mission/plexing/ratting boats, but blasters/rails are gilding the lily, train sentry drones for those. Ravens are also an old standby, but I personally prefer the ability not to have to keep running for ammo.
Amarr is still pretty badass, as the Damnation is a great command ship for fleets (with Leadership skills), the Armageddon is a beast, the Apocalypse has awesome range with pulse lasers and the Abaddon tanks like a monster.