Eve- you(and other silent fans) might be interested in this

Eve, I remember you said you had a biography of John Gilbert you were working on.

I mentioned to you, in a previous thread, the upcoming silent film festival here in Kansas. I’ve got a link here:


Too bad you can’t come, it sounds as if there will be a great lineup this year, and John Gilbert will be featured in “Monte Cristo”

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BTW, that looks like one cool festival, and free!

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Thank you, darling–I wish I had the time and money to go there! I have seen Monte Cristo, thank goodness–I have to go to the Library of Congress soon to see four of his films only they have.

Book is about 85% done (whether it is any *good *or not, I have no idea), due for May 2013 publication, and I have scads of *fab *photos for it (which will cost me a fortune). *God *Jack Gilbert was gorgeous, I have such a crush. I talked to the Warner Home Video folks about doing a John Gilbert Box Set and after they finished laughing themselves into a coughing fit, they said, “Oh, honey, that is not going to happen.”

Have you seen Bardelys the Magnificent?

P.S. Why is a box set out of the question?

Yes, I have seen Bardelys–it’s cute, a nice little swashbuckler. I think my favorite John Gilbert silents (still extant, of course) are The Big Parade (his personal favorite), The Show, and *Love *(the best of the Garbo/Gilbert films, in my opinion).

His best talkie was certainly Downstairs–kind of a male version of Red-Headed Woman or Baby Face–and The Phantom of Paris.

I am just giving the book–what there is of it–a first edit as we speak–well, I *should *be, and not goofing off, but we know how *that *goes. I am at the “oh, this book sucks, no one will ever read it” stage.

A John Gilbert Box Set would cost a fortune to produce–the films have to be cleaned up digitally, the silents re-scored; and even I, his biographer, have to admit they would probably not earn back that money.

When the book comes out, I will buy a copy!!! I’ll still be on the Dope, contact me. What about getting a copy signed by the author?:stuck_out_tongue:

Hell, for an extra ten bucks, I’ll read it to you over the phone.

Done! I’ll start saving up now!