Even if I were the richest man in the world . . .

. . . I wouldn’t buy a ninety-five dollar paper towel holder. But clearly some people would because I saw one in a catalog just now.

What items would you never buy for the advertised price, even if you could afford it?

Everything here.

That’s the most constipated-looking tiki god I’ve ever seen.

Almost anything from this catalog. I also wouldn’t buy expensive toilet paper because I don’t like wiping with what feels like an heirloom dress or quilt.

Couture clothing. except for shoes. I’d probably buy really, really expensive made to order shoes. Just not the really, really expensive clothes to go with them.

Or any car over $50,000.

Well, I drive a car that was well over $50,000 new (but I got it used), so I know I would buy a hella expensive car, but as for other things? Eh- I would shop a lot like I do right now, which is a bit above the middle- I can shop at Nordstrom but I love finding a bargain more!

But my travel would change- more like this.

What would I never buy for the advertised price? Jewelry- there’s about a 600% markup on diamonds, and even if I have tons of money, why throw it away? I won’t pay retail for that.

Monster Cables. Under real-world conditions, there is no way to be able to tell that they are any better than lamp cord. Certainly not by listening.

…but I might buy this. :slight_smile:

A Ferrari or Lambourgini. (Spelling?) Very expensive cars would be wasted on me, and I don’t need to be dripping in diamonds.

Any status symbol. For example, a Hummer, BMW, diamonds, designer jeans that cost 200-300 bucks, that sort of thing.

I need to replace a narrow trash can with a step-activated lid. The first one I found (Bed Bath & Beyond) cost…$149! For a trash can! No, just no.

The cheapest one I’ve found so far is … $43. Still no. I cannot believe people are paying this much for a damn trash can. I can’t believe I paid more than about $10 for the one I’ve got (its lid is broken). I am seriously thinking about repairing it.

And I have spent $500 on shoes and $300 on a scarf. But this is a TRASH can. Not a work of art. Not a Mies chair. Never gonna impress anyone. Who spends that much on these things?

Wow, those models are quite enticing (ladies/gay guys - check out the swimwear/underwear sections :slight_smile: )

As much fun as it would be, I don’t think I’d buy a big huge boat because it would be a lot of hassle to deal with even with all the money/staff in the world.

Instead, I’d find some rich pals with big huge boats.

A stove. I’d never need another one because I’d spend some of my winnings on paying for a personal chef.

A fancy car. I love looking at them (Porsches make me drool worse than chocolate cake) but I’d never be able to drive them like they oughta be driven. When you drive any car as if it was a Corolla or a Yaris, you oughta stick to Toyotas.

A house with “hilo musical” (a built-in sound system). Or with marble in the two-sink bathroom. Or with Porcelanosa tiles, a garden, a pool, a three-car garage, a kitchen large enough for ten people to waltz inside, etc. Definitely never a house so large or complicated that I’d need servants.

A house in a place where I don’t want to live.

Be still, my beating heart! OK, so I looked. I’m now stuck with the concept of a “push up thong”. That’ll be the rest of the day wasted, then.

Hey! I have this:


hanging on my office door! :smiley:


The thing about ‘when I can afford it’ is that after giving ridiculous amounts to charity, I would want the best everything money can buy. I’d have a team of designers make my paper towel holder. (Then mass-produce it and still make money)

BTW. When you are the richest man in the world, you get tons of stuff for free.

A custom number plate.
There’s a dude near here with one that must have cost thousands. Seriously.
I was chatting with some customers and they agreed that they could never waste money like that either.
If I was ever in the position of looking at one I’d slap myself and give the money to a worthy charity.

For the last several months, ever since I saw a woman with one of these, I have been howling at the existence of a Coach Diaper Bag.

A designer diaper bag. For $398. Mon Dieu.

If I had tons of money would I spend that much for something to haul around my baby’s disposable diapers?? Hell, no. I’d buy expensive purses for me, yeah. But spending $400 on a diaper bag just screams I HAVE MORE MONEY THAN BRAINS AND I WANT YOU TO ENVY ME. :rolleyes:

I -

Uh -

Burrrraaahobbit -
I’ll be in mah bunk.