Even seen a $ 3000 carbon fiber acoustic guitar?

This one’s interesting

A few thoughts:

  • There is always something new, but nothing will ever replace a well-made wooden guitar - especially a vintage guitar made with old-growth wood

  • Musicians often gravitate to new things, simply because they are new - having a change can be inspiring, even if the new thing isn’t really better, per se. Solid state amps, Steinberger headstockless basses, Parker Fly electric guitars - they all had their time in the sun - they inspired some musicians - but most folks gravitated to the old school stuff. I have played countless instruments that inspired me for a period, but didn’t last the long run…

  • every now and then a product ends up creating a new category - electric guitars in the 1950’s, synthesizers over the past few decades, computer online studio software like Cakewalk…will this guitar create a new category? Probably not. But is it an interesting and worthwhile experiment - sounds like it really is.

I’m holding out for the nano tube guitar. Then I’ll give it to Pete Townsend, and laugh as he tries to smash it.

Agreed. I have actually played this guitar (briefly) and thought it was okay, but not worth the three grand. I can have a damn nice Gibson for that kind of money. The guitar I checked out also had Elixers on it and, despite what the review says, I don’t think they compliment this guitar well at all. The sound was a bit ‘tinny’. I think it would probably sound better with some Martins on it. FTR, my small bodied Washburn NV100 at $1,500.00 sounds much better.

I know what Sheryl Crow is getting next Christmas.