Even the criminals are freaked out!

Here’s hoping some things don’t return to normal in New York. The police think that it’s all the cops in Manhattan (as if Manhattan is all there is to NY). I think even the criminals are in a daze. See here.
Which brings up this point: those more than 6,000 souls were not murder victims?

We had a debate here about whether the deaths should be included in the homicide stats:


Biggirl, that link didn’t work. What was the gist of it?

It works for me. It’s an article in the New York Daily News. You gotta pay after six days I believe but it hasn’t been six days yet. Here’s an exerpt:

Biggirl’s link works for me.

This may reveal too much about me, but I wonder if serial killers condemn these attacks? Would they be sitting in their homes, shaking their heads and saying “Now that’s just going too far”?

I’m serious. I mean, the IRA have condemned it, why not other nutcases with no respect for human life?

Well, they might condemn it because it was someone else doing the killing. Or, if they are sociopaths, they might not care at all.