Ever Been A Member Of A [X] Of The Month Club?

I thought these things went out with the 70’s, but if the advertising on my Facebook news feed is any indication, they’re making a comeback (if they ever left to begin with, that is). Just in the past week I’ve seen monthly clubs that send you art supplies, men’s clothes, razors, and random bric-a-brac every month.

Have any Dopers ever been a member of such a club? If so, were you pleased with the merchandise you got? Would you consider it a good value?

as a young teen there was a technical book of the month club i belonged to.

with the initial five books for a penny and the good selection of reasonably priced books it was well worth it.

When I was a kid, I was in the Monogram Model of the Month Club.
Here’s some guys talking about it:

Boy, that really takes me back.

They sent a scale model car, airplane or other vehicle each month.
I think you could select snap-tight or glue skill levels.

Science Fiction book club. As I recall i usually wasn’t interested in the “recommended selections” but the prices on some of the other stuff was good. And the “12 for a penny” introductions rocked. I think I joined, quit and joined again just because of the intro deals.

Do record clubs count? I did a couple of those back in the day.
Oh- my mom did a Dr. Seuss book of the month thing for me when I was little.

This for sure. At other times in my life I’ve been a member of several Wine-of-the-Month clubs. Currently the only thing of that type I subscribe to is Harry’s Shaving, which sends me new cartridges and shave gel on an every-other-month basis. Good stuff, and uber-cheap.

I signed my dad up for a cookie of the month club one year. It was fun for him, but I think it was pretty expensive for what you got. Something you can make at home (cookies) probably isn’t the best thing to drop that kind of money on. He’s a hard guy to buy for :slight_smile:

I’m still in one - what used to be called the Quality Paperback Book Club. I was in it about 30 years ago, then let it lapse, then got back in when they made it online (so you could decline the monthly selections through the website) with E-mails to remind me that there were new monthly selections available.

I belong/have belonged to a couple of art supply monthly clubs. The first was quite expensive, but the items sent were well coordinated (color and print schemes I would not have thought worked, but did) and contained unique items that I could not find on my own. The current one is not as fancy, but I had priced each item separately and think it’s a good deal.

A friend just joined one, Stitch Fix, that is a personal shopper, clothes chosen for you and sent to your house with a return bag. She just started it, but is happy so far.

I had been a member of QPB mentioned earlier,
but acquired more books in a short amount of time than I had time to read.

I get a delivery from Graze every month. I’ve really been enjoying it.

I currently get fruit of the month, wine of the month, and dessert of the month. All were gifts & I love them and look forward to each months’ packages!

No members of the jelly of the month club? It’s the gift that keeps on giving the whole year round.

I had a gift membership in a beer of the month club for a few years. It was interesting but the beers were never anything I had heard of and I’m pretty sure they were proprietarily labeled contract brewed generics. As I said it was a gift so I don’t know the monthly cost, but I’m sure it was much higher than a reasonable person would spend on a mixed 12 pack of store brand pseudo-craft beers.

I joined up with a local farm that sent out a monthly share of CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) fruit and vegetables. I always seemed to get tons of stuff that I didn’t much like and little of the stuff I did. In the fall, Id take the potatoes and carrots and one head of cabbage and drop the rest off at a charity kitchen. What they did with all the squash and turnips I have no idea.

It was too much food and too much went to waste, so I cancelled it.

Back in the '70s . . . I was a member of the Sci-Fi Book-of-the-Month Club, the Columbia Record-of-the-Month Club, and the Musical Heritage Society.

Over the years I’ve been in Science Fiction book of the month, coffee of the month, and two different beer of the month clubs. The only currently active one is a wine club that ships a case 8 times a year.

When I was a teenager I did Columbia House and BMG (10 tapes for a penny? Sign me up!) and also the Quality Paperback Book Club.

Right now I have a subscription to Stridebox for running things and I really enjoy it. I also have Ipsy for beauty products but I’m going to cancel that one after the next shipment.

My husband has one that sends him razor blades, I think it’s called The Dollar Shave Club.

A friend of mine got a beer of the month club membership from his wife. He gets a 12 pack each month, and according to him the beers have all been worthwhile. I told him I was interested in the specifics. He told me he’d bring me the info, but I asked instead that he give it to my gf. :smiley:

I was in a Yarn of the Month club a few years back, and just came across some of the packets the other day. Small amounts of specialty yarns, just enough to knit a swatch from and get the feel of the yarn, plus discounts if you bought the yarn within a specified timeframe, and a pattern. Some of the yarns were quite lovely, but the patterns weren’t anything special, and I’m not a huge knitter, so I never purchased any yarn. It was fun to try different stitch patterns with the swatches, but even with the discount, specialty yarns are way pricey for me. There was one yarn that I did think about trying to buy, though by the time I had money it was long gone, and I’ve never found it anywhere since. But it was gorgeous.

The Record Club of America, though they never sent you anything unless you ordered it. They were often fined for their practices, since they charged a small “handling fee” (less than $1) in addition to the price of the record. Factoring that it, they were always a better deal than other record clubs, though it was discovered they were pressing records without always securing the rights.

Right now, my wife subscribes to the Quality Paperback Book Club, and uses it for gifts (though she usually skips the main book offered and orders like from Amazon.