Ever been to the Adirondacks? Where to stay?

I’ve never been, but have seen some lovely pictures, and it looks like an overwhelmingly big area.

Suggestions for a romantic cabin that allows dogs? Favorite area? We want to hike, shop, do driving tours, maybe get on some water (canoe/kayak).

I might be partial because I lived there for a brief period of time, but the Tri-Lakes area (Lake Placid, Saranac Lake, and Tupper Lake) are some of the most beautiful parts of the Adirondacks.

You will easily be able to do everything on your list and more in that area. Downtown Lake Placid has tons of shopping, both national brands and some nice local shops. They also have some really nice restaurants. Saranac Lake is nice because it has a “small town” feel. It’s never gotten quite as tourist-y as Lake Placid. It has some nice shopping and restaurants, too. Tupper Lake is the least tourist-y of the three, and VERY small, not really much to do other than camping, hiking, boating/swimming. But on the other hand, it will almost certainly be the cheapest place to stay (but it’s a little further out there…it’s just under 30 minutes from Saranac Lake, and Saranac Lake is ~10 minutes from Lake Placid.)

If you’re into beer, there’s a brewery right in Lake Placid (called Lake Placid brewery,) and another one ~30 minutes away in Saranac (not to be confused with Saranac Lake.)

I don’t know of any specific cabin rentals that allow dogs, since I’ve never had to look into it, but I can’t imagine it would be too hard to find one. EVERYONE who camps/vacations up there brings their dog.

Great info, bouv. Now I have a starting place for planning my trip. We’re more of the less-touristy area sort, so Saranac Lake sounds like good spot to check out! (and I love beer so at least one of those breweries will be on the to-do list)

The Adirondacks are very pretty, but, if you see things about twice the size of ravens flying about, you might want to break out the bug stuff…