Ever cry at a “funny” show or movie?

I think a deep rage at how fucked-up the world is lies buried under a lot of the writing in The Onion.

It isn’t always funny.

The ending of Shaun of the Dead when

Shaun winds up sparing Zombie Ed and even plays with him to the tune of You’re My Best Friend (which can make me tear up all on its own, btw).

Shaun is a good friend!

That made me nauseous. Uhg. Who could possibly find that funny?

The Money Pit was like that for me. I tried to watch it right after a flood had practically destroyed my home & belongings and the crew that came to “fix” things destroyed the much of the rest & stole from me. Yeah - not funny.

The old Steve Martin/Lily Tomlin movie ‘All of Me’. One of my all-time favorite movies, makes me laugh all the way through it until the very end, where they are dancing… if you have seen it, you’ll know what I mean, and if you haven’t you wouldn’t understand anyway. >grin< (I also don’t know how to do a spoiler box…)

For some reason, that scene makes me sob like a baby. Every single time I see it.

I don’t even remember what movie it was, and maybe it was a television show, but it contained a brief scene in which two women porn stars were teaching a sex ed class. They began to talk about virginity and one girl says to the other, ‘‘I was 15. Katie, how old were you when you lost your virginity?’’ She got a serious look on her face and replied softly, ‘‘I was eight.’’

Not funny.

The Girl Next Door. I could be remembering it wrong, but I thought she said she was ten, not that it makes any difference. I don’t think it was meant to be laugh out loud funny. The whole movie was kind of a dark comedy.

[spoiler] spoiled stuff [/spoiler ]
It’s that easy.

Another Steve Martin one (that bastard!). The end of The Jerk. Pretty much from “Well, that’s my story…” on through to the end. And not because it’s such a sweet and happy ending, which it is. But because I’m insanely envious of anyone who has family that cares so much about him.

I know people who thing the bit from Sesame Street where the baker falls down the stairs and dropping the “ELEVEN CHOCOLATE SHAKES!” is upsetting and not funny.

Me, I laugh at others pain.

I cried during the movie Life. It’s supposed to be a prison comedy, but my ex was in prison when I saw it, and I lost it and had to leave the theater.


A few years back, I was feeling blue due to PMS and decided to watch something light and fluffy to cheer myself up. So I watched The Rugrats Movie, even though it had been years and years since I watched the show. You know Spike, the kids scrappy dog? At one point Spike falls off a bridge! It’s a kids’ movie, so I knew he’d be fine, but I burst into tears anyway. You know, that might have been the month I cried my way through The Mighty too, even the not-sad parts…

When SNL replayed the “Love is a Dream” sketch as a tribute after Phil Hartman was murdered, it was terribly emotional. Not available on Hulu though. :frowning:

Whoever wrote that needs to get help. It’s not something a healthy person could produce.

I saw that and didn’t read it, remembering the bear-zookeeper-rape article from several years back that was almost as"funny".

It actually made me feel nauseous.

I cried the first time I saw Princess Bride when Buttercup thought Westley was dead.

It doesn’t totally fit the trend, but the last episode of Blackadder, when they get their orders to go over the top during WWI.

They keep with the jokes literally up until the last possible moment, but you can just kind of feel what’s coming, and your heart just isn’t in it, and then there’s that terrible fade…and then all that’s left is a field of poppies. Such a well-made and affecting end to what was otherwise a hilarious show.

Now that I’m thinking about it I’m going to go look at some pictures of puppies or something…

raises hand

eyebrows raised. Honestly - why?

I find it funny, too. The humor (at least to me) comes from the fact that rather than being a news story about the rescuing of a kidnapped child, we’re reading about a kidnapped child imagining a rescue of himself. The idea that a news organization would cover an imagined rescue as if it actually happened is where the humor comes from for me.