Ever deliberately NOT stopped for someone who wanted you to stop?

I was walking home tonight, and I’ve been in a bad mood, kind of mad about personal things, and just generally feeling down on the world, and along the way, I heard some guy say something and then “Excuse me!” Again. And a third time, and I did not turn, did not look and kept going.

Now, he could have been begging for change, asking for directions, wanted to know the time, I have no idea, but I didn’t feel in the mood to find out. Also, consider that I don’t live in Manhattan, but one of the scary boroughs, so not everyone is so benign by me.

Anyway, any time this happens, I always think of Sodom and Gomorrah, where the inhospitality towards visitors was the supremely bad thing about the places. But is that the same situation here? I mean, I can recall vividly times in my own life when I was trying to ask a question of someone passing by, and they simply passed by without stopping or acknowledging me, and while it made me angry momentarily, I later understood why they may have not responded to me.

I mean, there are all kinds of businesses around, pedestrians walking, sitting on stoops - why is he asking ME to stop?

perhaps to tell you about the huge split in your pants?

or dropped your wallet/money/ID/something important?

Doh! :smack:

I meant: or to tell you that you dropped something important.
preview, preview, preview!

I thought that too, but then again, if I wanted to get someone’s attention because they dropped their wallet, I’d think that “Sir, you dropped your wallet” would get everyone within earshot to turn around.

Since the guy didn’t name his purpose, it couldn’t have been that important for the OP to stop.

As for people passing YOU by: didn’t hear you, weren’t paying attention, and yes, even “you creeped them out” all seem to be valid reasons for not stopping for a simple “hey you.”

I used to live in a pretty rough neighborhood–when a guy on my street got Molotov-cocktailed in his car I knew it was time to move. I wouldn’t walk around that area without my big dog and a knife in my pocket, and I sure as hell wasn’t going to stop if someone shouted “Hey man!” at me.

So yes, I’ve done that.

i did it in the halls at my high school all the time when i didnt want to talk to certain people. it’s easy to act like you don’t hear someone when the halls are crowded with about 3000 or so kids, staff, and faculty. i was really good at it too, i could just keep right on walking.
“Didn’t you hear me? I said your name, like, 7 times.”
“You did?? Oh gosh.”

I do it all the time. The panhandlers have trained me well.

I do this frequently, but I’m a girl, so I get the usual “HEY BABY!” type of crap…which is kind of a primer for selective hearing in public places.

And I’d rather pretend I didn’t hear you than have to be a rude bitch by telling you where to go.