Ever eaten a witchetty grub?

Cooked, or live?

How did it taste?

I had to look that one up. Now I need brain bleach. :eek:

No. No, I have not.

No. No, I never will.

Live. They taste a bit like cooked hard boiled egg yolk. Similar consistency too.

I sincerely hope you weren’t going to be adding this to the Breakfast Meats list.

Not witchetty grubs, but I’ve eaten plain old BBQ grubs. Our country director in Cameroon liked to bring us bags of grubs-on-sticks after long meetings.

They taste like hot sauce. I much prefer baby bees or flying termites, which are actually both quite delicious.

Seconded, but with a vaguely nutty flavour.

Bogongs are better, but you’ll have hairs in your teeth for about a month.

No but I’d try them. Are you planning on getting some?

No, no plans to get any. I saw something on TV and wondered if anyone here has eaten them.

I’d try them, given the opportunity. I’d like to try one roasted first.

No, but I have had mopane worms. Yummy.

Jep, barbequed. Tasted real nice actually, a bit nutty. Ever since, I made it a sport to try anything remotely exotic, with mixed results. Some things I’ve eaten:

  • Scorpion claws (not nice, too crunchy, not enough meat)
  • Snake (very nice)
  • Bees (nice)
  • Dog (very nice)
  • Maggots (not too much taste)
  • Some type of ant (very citrus-y)
  • Grasshoppers (nice)
  • Crickets (nice)
  • Some type of giant wood louse (OK I guess, the idea put me off more than the taste)

Deep-fried tarantulas? I hear they are available at a few NYC restaurants-although the hairs can irritate your nose.

Gag. The last thing I’d need on my plate is a deep-fried spider. I’m in favor of the idea - spiders should be nuked from orbit, as far as I’m concerned - but eating them is strictly not an option.

Okay, which one of you is the real Andrew Zimmern?
I love that guy but I could never do what he does. I’ve only eaten bugs by accident.

Were you able to find the dog in The States?

Who says anything about the States? Myself, I’m from Holland (not that we eat dog here though). All the stuff I’ve eaten I usually do when traveling. Witchetty grubs and ants in Australia. Scorpion, wood lice, crickets in Thailand. Snake, bee, dog in Vietnam. Grasshoppers and maggots around Africa. I’ve eaten a whole lot of stuff which I never was able to identify while in Africa, so I may have eaten something even weirder and not know it.

Thing is, I’ll try everything at least once. My experience with the witchetty grub taught me that food preconceptions are not something to rely on, so you could miss out on something wonderful if you don’t try it.

Westerners, Americans especially, are the most squeamish eaters in the world. Believe it or not, insects are commonly eaten by almost every culture in the world except North America and most of Western Europe. Even as close as Mexico they eat insects with regularity(chupalines are awesome). Fact is, insects and other things people find disgusting actually don’t taste bad, it’s simply knowing what it is that grosses them out. Things like Balut are great; just don’t look at it while you eat it.:smiley:

You just think that because you’re a Westerner. People all over the world are squeamish; they’re just squeamish about different things. Compare Chinese attitudes towards dairy in general and cheese specifically, for instance.

Milk and dairy products are not unknown or feared in China; it has been available in China since the 19th century along the coastal regions; it was considered healthy and nutritious but not embraced because of high prices and inadequate refrigerated transportation. The market is now growing rapidly; today China is the largest milk producer in Asia.

OTOH, try getting an American to eat beetles, scorpions, sandworms, or even the seemingly innocuous swallow’s nest(all common things in Asia). You might think Chinese eat these things for lack of alternatives/poverty; on the contrary, as incomes have risen recently, consumption rates of what Westerners would consider “weird” meats have risen proportionately.

I would not eat a swallow’s nest and not because of the “ick, bird spit!” factor, I would not eat it because I have seen lots of bird’s nests and aside from baby birds they also contain lots of bird shit. I just don’t see how you can effectively clean something made from spit.