Ever gone to a place rumored to be haunted, and actually experienced something?

I think we’ve all grown up around spooky places, like abandoned houses and graveyards and such that sometimes have rumors of being haunted. Perhaps a murder supposedly took place there or some other tragic event, who knows…my question is this - has anyone here ever gone to investigate a place that they know is rumored to be haunted, and actually SEEN or EXPERIENCED something undeniably supernatural? I’m not looking for hearsay, we’re talking direct firsthand experience…

No, and I’ve looked. I found cemetaries and really old houses at midnight to be sad instead of scary. I’ve always wanted to find a ghost or some proof of the paranormal. However, after 5 years of searching, I don’t think I am going to find anything.

No, but I experienced something and then found out later on that the place was rumored to be haunted.

Nope. I prowled a supposedly haunted graveyard at night looking for spirits but found - nothing. I spent the night in a supposedly haunted mansion once. My wife claims that my snoring probably scared away all of the ghosts!

No. I worked at a graveyard one summer, doing landscape maintenance, and I kept seeing things out of the corner of my eyes. But then I decided it was probably just because I was outside, where things tend to move more – tree branches, squirrels, birds, little American flags . . . .

Yes…and no. But then I am an incurable sceptic about ghosts & hauntings, so I acknowledge the chance that if there *is * something there, it may not show itself to me or I might not see it simply because I don’t believe it.

There’s more to this world than I know, if that’s confusing.


And with the ever-growing number of webcams/security cams/camcorders & plain old cameras, you’d think we’d have a gigantic library of ghost photos.

But we don’t.

Most are disproved as frauds, after a very few years, & the others are obvious film problems or accidental double exposures.

BTW–I am a photo lab technician.

When I attended Ohio University, in spooky ol’ Athens, Ohio, we often went to the defunct asylum at night just to walk around. Being an incurable skeptic, I enjoyed these night-time strolls, but one of the guys . . . was certain he was seeing and hearing things that just weren’t of this world. We took some (in retrospect not very nice) delight in making funny voices and shining flashlights from abandoned buildings at him. There are many people who claim not just the asylum, but the campus and the surrounding hillside graveyards are haunted (just google “haunted athens” to bring up a bunch of sites–great place to visit around Halloween). I personnally wish I’d have seen something that made me do a double-take, but I still enjoyed exploring it, and it was pretty creepy.

I told the scared guy that I was way more afraid of actual living people trying to hurt me than ghosties. It didn’t seem to make him settle down any.

Sure and what I experience was an interest in how gullible or maybe suggestible people can be.

It was a dark and stormy night. My date and I crept slowly toward the haunted house. We saw the tiny cross someone had scratched into the front door. We inched our way around the corner towartd the back.

Suddenly there was a burst of light and we saw a figure in the kitchen! It was a young woman, washing dishes.

As we ran back to our car, we suddenly realized that “haunted” did not necessarily mean the same as “unoccupied” when talking about old houses.

I wish so, I hope so–but nope. :frowning:

I’ve been to three and had really similar expierences at all three of them!

I seem there was this really creepy ghost bride in the attic, an entire part of ghosts in the ballroom and in the family cemetary out back all kinds of ghosts were there. One ghost even tried to follow me home.

I’ve been there, myself.
The place has a horrible rodent problem, doesn’t it? :cool:

Actually, one time I was there and was leaving at closing time I noticed a few cats running around. When I commented an employee told me they let the cats out at closing time to catch mice.

That was at the one in California.

Some roomates and I rented a house in Athens that was next to one of these hillside graveyards. Looking out our kitchen window one could read a gravestone inscription that read “Hanged for murdering his sweetheart.”

Gravesites were slowly drifting down the hill over time. (The house we rented was rapidly slanting toward the street. It’s hopefully been condemned by now but is probably still occupied by students.) Once while walking through the graveyard, a roomate of mine’s foot hit a rock and sent it tumbling. Upon closer examination, the rock turned out to be a chunk of human bone. Not knowing what grave it came from, he ended up keeping it on his nightstand. Despite this, no hauntings.

In Americorps, my friend Andrea was also my next-door neighbor, and her house was the creepiest damn thing ever. She told me the first night she moved in, she was laying in bed trying to fall asleep when she heard what sounded like a little girl screaming downstairs. Then she heard the screams moving, as though the little girl was running up the stairs, into Andrea’s bedroom, back down the stairs, and out the front door.

I spent the night – once – at Andrea’s house. She slept in the bottom bunk, I took top. I heard this sound like a train bearing down on me, then something reached down and grabbed me, shaking me, shaking the bed. I laid there very still and didn’t breathe until it was over, then I rolled over and begged Andrea to let me sleep with her. So I crawled down into the bottom bunk and huddled next to her all night.

I’ve always wondered how cemetaries get a reputation of being haunted. If ghosties do exist, why would they haunt the place in which they are buried, instead of where they died?

I camped out on Loch Ness. I toured the ruins of Urquhart Castle (the castle on the edge of the lake that’s in the famous photo of the “monster”) and even swam in the lake (it was cold!!!) Didn’t see a monster. But man were the Northern Lights cool!