Has anyone seen or think they've seen a ghost

…and that’s about all I have to say about that

Yes, there’s one RIGHT BEHIND YOU!!!



Yikes!!! and I thought it was the cat

People have been abducted by space-travelling aliens and taken to other planets.
Ghosts seem rather tame after that.

When I was a little kid I had this ghost who would come and sit on my bed and talk to me and ask me things at night. The only thing I can remember from that was the pressure on my lower legs and the blankets were drawn tight by his weight. I would then tell my parents all about these long conversations we had. I believe I called them into the bedroom once complaining about it. When I was 10 I could still remember and draw him. He was one of the early missionaries that Hawaii had in the middle of the 19th Century.

Now I know it was just a dream but I was convinced back then. Or maybe it was that it never dawned on me that ghosts didn’t exist. I mean there was a Santa and an Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy, of course there were ghosts.

Nope. But my next door neighbor and her son were taking care of my dog while I was out of town for a week, and claim to have seen a ghost of an older woman in a blue dress walk through my kitchen to the living room.

It’s possible that they were trying to pull one over on me but I doubt it. They were so cat and mouse when trying to ask me if I had ever seen anything odd. It took me awhile to get them to tell me what all the strange questions were about. Anyhow, her teenage son refused to set foot in my house ever again. He said he saw her again two weeks later from his front porch through a window. Odd, I guess. I live alone (as far as I know).

I would have thought that if someone told me that they saw a ghost in my house that it would creep me out just a bit, actually I never gave it much thought. I figure if there were ghosts and there was one in my house I would have become aware of it at some point in the fourteen years that I’ve lived here.

You have proof…cite

I just remembered. When I complained my mom came in to comfort me and she rubbed my back and sparks from static electricity flew everywhere, and boy did they fly. Big ones. Now you mainlanders might be used to it but in Hawaii static electricity like that is exceptionally rare. I mean the humidity here is such that in high school Van de Graaff generators would just barely work. I guess the volcano must have belched out a cloud of gas which passed over our house which was only 5 miles from the caldera. Anyway the sparks really freaked me out and spooked my mom too and seemed very important at the time.

For reference this all occured when I was about 5. Hope that qualifies for your thread. I had believed I saw a ghost.

I heard one once… does that count?

Autumn of 2002 I was photographing the city cemetery for my Documentary Photography class. One morning I was up there photographing at sunrise,my favorite time to be there, and I heard someone walking through the leaves behind me. Crunch, crunch, crunch. I thought oh its a cemetery worker coming to see if I am okay since I was laying on my stomach for that shot. So I stood up abd turned around. Not a person anywhere within sight. Just me and the breeze blowing across the leaves. NOw I heard just the fluttery moise leaves make when wind blows across them but before it was definately a crunch noise like someone walking through them. Okay, I thought, time to photograph in ANOTHER part of the cemetery!

A few years back I went to New Orleans and was in this alley way when something distinctly tapped me on the shoulder. I turned around fast but nothing was there. My friend who was standing in front of me by about 5 feet or so said that she felt something touch her leg. Later that same day we went on a “haunted tour” and learned that a famous ghost of a woman dwells there and often touches people.

In the apt. that I lived in most of my life nothing strange happened but one day I just somehow knew that a man had died in my bedroom. I asked my parents and found out that the previous tenant, an old man, had indeed died in the apt. Since my bedroom was the master room, I assume it was his and he did indeed die there. Somehow the knowledge just came to me. Over my life there, I had several pets, rabbits and guinea pigs. All of them lived in cages that were in the same spot (they lived in different times), and all of them would look up and react like they were being petted or fed by something in that corner of the room, when nothing was there. Maybe the old man was there and they saw him.

The only other really freaky thing in that room though was the FACE that appeared on my closet door when I was 4 or 5 years old. It looked like an alien with a crooked mouth. I know it didn’t exist prior to that because my parents didnt notice it till I pointed it out to them and it was VERY obvious. The face remained there the rest of the time I lived there and probably still does. It is the scariest face I’ve ever seen and was in my own room.

How could one ever be certain one hadn’t? If the photographer had seen someone just standing in that cemetary, she probably just would have thought, ‘Early to visit a grave; maybe he’s on his way to work …’

I did feel something at Jamestown, once (away from the main settlement), but that was before the big dig.

I doubt I have ever seen a ghost.

I’ve seen several at my mom’s house and my cousin’s. Very creepy. An old woman died in her basement, and you could hear moans and heavy breathing down there. It was hard for me to spend the night there. Such a wuss…

Does anyone remember the Ghost Cam? It’s so long ago that I don’t have a URL or remember any part of it, but someone set up four live webcams under their bed and invited the world to watch. If you saw a ghost, you were suposed to capture the image and report it to the site’s owner.

I was never sure if this was a put-on or not. Nevertheless, I never saw a ghost there.

I think GhostWatcher is the one you meant.

There’s also this cam in a library. The spoof photos are hilarious.

When I was a kid, my closet door had the face of Keith Richards on it. Now THAT’s scary.

Yes, I saw and talked to what was to me an actual ghost.

Shortly before I went off to the Army in WWII two brothers from my home town disappeared along with the entire crew of the USS Houston. The younger one was a year ahead of me in school and we had a nodding acquaintance. Their mother kept insisting that they were still OK because they were both “real good swimmers” but everyone in town including me knew that they were goners.

Time passed, the war ended, I went off to the University of Iowa and went to work in California. One time, about 15 years after the war had ended, I was sitting my cousin’s beer parlor while on vacation in my home town. And in walked the younger brother and sat down beside me and said, “Hi, Dave.” I could hardly say anything for awhile, then I blurted out, “Harry! I thought you were dead!”

He agreed that it had been a close call. He was one of the US prisoners, along with the Australians who worked on the “Bridge Over The River Kwai.” Both he and his brother survived and he said he only weighed about 110 lb. when rescued. In his high school days he was the Iowa state wrestling champion in the 165 lb. weight class.

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I forgot my :rolleyes: in my first post.
But there are claims of abduction, which are more dramatic than anecdotal belief in ghosts…

(the plural of anecdote is not data)

I have a good friend who is a Catholic Monk who was allowed to go to Harvard to study for a semester. I and another buddy went to visit him and he was living in a Catholic Church Rectory near Harvard that was reportedly haunted. My friend believed it really was. We were to stay on the third floor near the “ghost room”. The house is very old, older than Cambridge area, so little was known about it.

I had to go to the bathroom and went into the one on the third floor. The door was so out of line, there was a hook on the door to close it and hold it. It wasn’t that easy to close. I was done and washing my hands when I looked over at the door and it was as if someone was at the door, pulling it tight and then letting go. At first I thought it was wind pressure, but realized quickly that there were a lot of drafts so it wasn’t that. Then I thought about the ghost and figured it was my friends. It stopped and I opened the door and looked out. They were twenty feet away talking.

The only explanation is that someone was at the door and since no one else was on the floor, I assume it was the ghost. I was later told, it does not like closed doors.

My wife and I are half convinced we once lived in a haunted apartment. it was an older home in Atlanta that had been converted to two apartments, one upstairs and one downstairs. We lived in the upstairs apartments. To get to the bathroom from the bedroom, you had to walk through the kitchen through a short hallway. We both, while walking through that hallway, had distinct sensations that someone was just out of sight in the main room next to the hallway. My wife never looked, I always did. I never saw anything beyond indistinct blurs of light that could have as easily been explained as moonlight coming in through the blinds as anything else.

In addition, our dog, who had never exhibited such behavior before, had a way of staring at and barking at corners of the room where there was clearly nothing. When we moved from the apartment, our dog’s behavior along these lines stopped and was never repeated.

We didn’t think or talk much of it but a couple of years afterward, decided that this fit with the whole “haunted house” thing fairly neatly. I am an atheist and a skeptic so I welcome alternative explanations but I have to admit it fits in with the whole “haunted” meme very well.