Ghostly Experiences You Haven't Had: Scary Shit With A Rational Explanation

We live across the fence from a retirement village for war veterans. A lot of old guys there, we get friendly with some of them across the fence, and sadly, from time to time they die. There was one old guy we were on quite good terms with: nice old bloke, his room was directly over from us, and we’d often see him pottering about in the garden, and would have a chat. Then one morning his family were around, and we found out that he’d died late the previous evening. Quite sad, really.

It was miserable weather, and, in rather a pensive mood that evening, I glanced out the kitchen window across to the old guy’s room - and froze. There was a light on his room - and there he was, sitting in the chair by his window we often saw him in. He’d died last night, his family had cleared out his stuff, but I could see him sitting there in his favourite place. My mind dropped its jaw: I was an avowed sceptic, but this was the supernatural, this what people talked about when they saw ghosts. I could feel the hairs rising on the back of my neck.

After some gape-mouthed staring, my mind slowly began to reassert itself. It was a rainy night, our window was a little dirty, and his room was a good 50 feet away. Look again, harder this time. Yep, still the old guy in his chair: I even recognised the old jacket he used to wear. Try again, from another vantage point. I went outside to get a clearer view, and my glimpse of the spirit world began to resolve itself.

There was a light on in his room: his family must have left a table lamp on when they left. And they hadn’t quite finished clearing out his stuff, either: there was a pile of clothes on his chair, with the jacket draped over the back. There was also a round picture hanging on the wall behind. I went back inside to look again, and things began to make sense. From the angle I’d first seen the “ghost” at, the round picture was lined up behind the chair to make a damned convincing simulacrum of his head: from a different perspective, it was obvious what it was.

My “ghost” was nothing more than my pattern recognition software working overtime. It had worked on a thoughtful mood and a gloomy wet evening to look out of a murky window and through the rain into a dimly lit room where someone had died recently, and worked to construct a spectral figure out of a pile of clothes. And yet, for a brief moment, it had been utterly, spookily real. The irrational part of our mind is damned powerful if we give it rein.

Anyone else have any tales of the unsupernatural?

My childhood dog, who lived to something like 15 years old, passed away after I had moved away from home. She was my mom’s constant companion. Mom told me that one day she was out in the garden and she happened to look up at the window where Holly used to sit watching the activity outside. Mom said she saw Holly in her same spot. She said she blinked, looked away, shook her head, looked back, and Holly was still there. I don’t recall if it upset Mom or made her feel a sense of peace.

My constant companion died almost a year ago. She never left my side. She passed away on April 23 last year. A couple of weeks later, I was puttering around the house, doing my business. All of a sudden I heard the tap tap tap of her little feet trotting through the kitchen and hallway. I don’t know. I like to believe they are there in spirit, there to comfort us.

I was walking along this empty street one night and I could hear quite distinct footsteps coming from across the road, but there wasn’t anyone there! The explanation was quite simple. The street had a bend in it, there was a person just around this bend, on my side of the street, walking towards me. His footsteps were echoing off the buildings on the other side of the street, thus appearing to come from over there. It was creepy for a few seconds.

Time: Mid70’s/ Winter
place: Waukesha County, Wisconsin

We were waiting, outdoors, in near-whiteout conditions, for the school bus. 45-40 mph wind.

I looked uphill. Clearing the treeline was a silver sphere, floating in mid-air! All of us saw it, & it changed shape as it moved!

We were gobsmacked! We saw a UFO! WOW!

Then, it struck me: the County Airport was at the top of the hill. The weather was bad. Could it have been a weather balloon?
Sure enough, they were launching another one, as the bus passed the airport.

I was walking home late in the evening when I saw a light far up in the sky that looked like it was slowly rising straight up in the air. I watched it for a couple minutes and it kept rising silently straight upwards. For a minute I started to think maybe I was seeing a UFO. I’m a skeptic in general, but that doesn’t mean I don’t think aliens would be really cool if there was proof they existed. For a second I got goosebumps.

I kept watching and I was certain it wasn’t a satellite (too bright and moving too quickly). I was also sure it wasn’t a helicopter, as it was a very quiet night and from the apparent brightness of the light I should have been able to hear it if it was a helicopter.

I kept watching another minute or so and it turned out to be a high flying plane that wasn’t on a path I’d seen other planes use (not headed toward the local airports). The light had seemed like it was slowly rising directly upwards because the plane was exactly headed towards me - in at least three or four minutes it’s course didn’t seem to deviate to either side of me. Eventually I saw it fly directly over me and by then it was clearly a plane and not an alien UFO.

When I was little I saw a UFO. I ran inside to tell my mom. She said uh huh :rolleyes: you’ve been watching Project Blue Book too much lately. It took some convincing, but I finally got her to come outside, and sure enough, it was an honest to goodness flying saucer, with lights rotating all around the bottom of it. It was slowly getting closer… and closer… and closer…

And finally it got so close that we could tell it was a biplane with marquee style advertising lights on its wings.

My sister used to tell everybody about the glowing blue triangle that used to appear in her kitchen occasionally. One night I was reading in bed and I glanced up to see a brightly glowing green pyramid in front of my dresser. I freaked, but only for a moment. Then I noticed that the LED on my stereo was the same color of green. With a little effort I managed to repeat the phenomenon by getting my eyes to water a bit and angling my line of sight through the droplet in my lower eyelid. The LED formed the peak of the pyramid and the ‘steps’ were the height of the vertical size of the retangular light. I never convinced my sister that her experiences probably had the same explanation.

My Mother used to talk about the ghost that she heard walking along the roof over her porch a few times. Until the time it happened with someone in the yard and it turned out to be a squirrel hopping along the roof.

My brother one night called me outside to see the “huge swarm of something” around a streetlight near the house. It was an interference pattern through a light mist. I couldn’t believe he’d never seen one before.

No offense, but I think you may have the wrong thread.

Many years ago (I think I was 12 or so), I was awakened in the middle of the night by a light in my bedroom. In the corner, where there was no lamp.

The light flashed on. Then off for a minute or so. Then on again.

Pixies with flashlights? small and very weird ghost? misdirected swamp gas? I was frozen in fear.

Finally I got up the courage to turn on the lamp and go investigate.

It was a firefly (lightning bug). :smack:

How the damn thing got into my bedroom, I’ll never know.

There was a “ghost dog” (or maybe cat) in a house I used to live in. At times, there’d be a sort of bump-bump at the closed door of my bedroom, sometimes with enough force for the door to swing slightly open.

I had noticed early on, however, that the ghost dog only wanted in at the same time the heat went on, and there was a large vent in the hallway just outside the door.