Ever Have A High Colonic?

Did they get a lot out? How many pounds would you say?

I’m thinking of getting one myself, because all the meds I take seem to “bind” me up.

How expensive?



Never had one myself but know a few people who have. While they descibed it as an “interesting” experience and didn’t have anything bad to say about it, they certainly weren’t raving about it and I don’t think any of them ever liked it enough to become return customers.

Don’t do it, Quasi. High colonics are of no proven benefit, but they do have some risk of perforating the bowel. They detoxify noone. If you’re bound up, eat fiber, push fluids, and if things are still problematic, take Miralax or its generic, which is safe to pour in one end (properly dissolved in water) until it runs out the other.

You have quite a way with words, good sir.

I had a colonoscopy. They got everything. I know because the drugs didn’t knock me all the way out and I watched the video feed from the end of the little scope through the whole thing. They also gave me a polaroid of the end (bend?) at the junction to the appendix. It was pink and shiney in there.

Of course after the industrial strength laxatives the night before, it was pretty empty before they started. Haven’t felt any particular urge to repeat the procedure.

Thanks, Q-Bro! I was hoping you might look in. I’ve been giving myself Fleets, have swallowed (and gagged) on mineral oil and take a stool softener a day, but I just don’t feel totally empty, even though I have no trouble moving my bowels regularly, with no blood or the squitters.

So I will try the Miralax, Quagdop. and thank you!

Yeah, I’m overdue for a colonoscopy myself, so that’s another reason I want to make sure I’m totally clean up the poop chute.



Sorry, my friend - too late to edit, but I know you spell your user name “Qadgop” with no “u”. Maybe that can be that one “special” thing (the fact that in the beginning I asked “where’s the ‘u’?”) that got us to know each other?



I’m under the impression that even those with severe chronic constipation do not carry around many pounds of feces… And those who have regular bowel movements surely have no significant accumulation at all. Is that right, Qadgop?

Then…not trying to be snarky at all, but…what’s the problem?

If you follow the instructions on the bowel prep, you’ll be clean as a whistle.

We do barium enemas on a regular basis, and I’ve had very, very few people say that the bowel prep didn’t work. Even in those cases, we’ll take a preliminary (scout) x-ray to see if they’re, indeed, “cleaned out.” They almost always are.

So, don’t worry 'bout it. And, like Qadgop said (and echoed by the radiologists I work with), high colonics are a waste (get it?) of time.

the human digestive system did not evolve the need to be blasted out externally from time to time. The hucksters that push this shit (pun intended, of course) should be pilloried.

Rysdad, the problem is, it feels like there’s still some up in there. Is it my imagination? I don’t know, therefore I hope the colonoscopy will show if there is. I can strain and “feel” something. That’s as close as I can come to describing it. It’s like I could get it all if I strained hard enough, but I’d probably kill myself in the process! :slight_smile:

The bowel prep: Yeah, I had to do that the night before my first one, but I don’t think I did it right, because they told me they saw residue along the walls of the bowel and it was hard to tell for sure, but what they did see was okay.

Why do I say I don’t think I did it right? I think it was because I don’t like a foreign object up my bum, and didn’t use enough prep, so that was my fault.

And they did a scout film, but went ahead anyway.

So I’m a little anxious in case I may have a tumor up in there, and this is why I feel I’m not excreting all of the waste.

I appreciate the input (so to speak), Rysdad! :slight_smile:


No worries, Quasi. Let your doc guide you as to what you should do.

Few folks accumulate much excess stool, though pounds can build up if there is an obstruction. Of course, one becomes deathly ill if that happens.

Thanks. Painting the proper therapeutic picture with a few words can come in handy.

Well, there is something called encopresis, in which, basically, there’s a buildup of stool in the colon that blocks normal passage of poop, and less-solid stool leaks out and is passed involuntarily.

Doesn’t sound like that’s your issue (my son had it for a number of years - took quite a while to get him over it; we bought a lot of Miralax while it was still prescription only).

For what it’s worth, if you have your colonoscopy and do the prep at all correctly, you’ll be pretty well cleaned out - and they’ll definitely be able to tell if you’ve got anything like a tumor.

And, there are a number of alternate prep regimens, and if the sedation is done right you won’t remember them going anywhere near the southern extremities.

Better to paint it with words than with poo :smiley: (as a friend’s baby sister once did… 50 years later, it’s funny as hell!).

Anecdote: As a respiratory therapist, it sometimes was my job to tracheally or nasally suction a patient who had tenacious, thick secretions he or she might not be able to expectorate on their own.

Sometimes, among ourselves in the ER, I’d be heard by the doc to say, “Man! I’m getting out of all sorts of funky lookin’ shit, Doc!”

“You’re gettin’ back shit, Bill? I think you may be going a little too deep down the wrong hole there, Bill!” :slight_smile:


Why is it always a high colonic? Does anyone ever have a low colonic?

A low colonic is called an “enema”.

Seriously, if you’re going for a colonoscopy they’ll give you the means to clean yourself out from one to the other as long as you follow the instructions. If it doesn’t work, they’ll find out when they explore your nether regions and will then proceed to any other required steps but if you actually had an obstruction you’d be getting lots more than vague “I don’t feel quite all the way empty” signals.

Low colonics are much more routine, beneficial, and safer. As Broomie noted, a low colonic is basically an enema, designed to clear material out of the rectum and lower sigmoid colon.

High colonics on the other hand, have the catheter go all the way up to the junction of the small and large colon, a difficult length to thread something up without proper prep and guidance. This is what results in a higher risk of colonic perforation in the high colonic.

So, speaking purely hypothetically, if I sat down without looking and by a million-to-one shot, a Hot Wheels car gets stuck up in there, chances are that I wouldn’t need a high colonic to reach it?