Ever have a *non-musical* earworm?

Very often.

I love the public announcements made before events at the Disney theme parks. In Japan, they are done in Japanese (female voice) and English (male voice) and have music in the background.

I record/film these announcements as well as the event. Then I go home and listen to the announcement and watch the event on video.

That one happens to me a lot - that exact particular scene. I’m glad this thread got resurrected. It’s nice to briefly feel that, if I am a bit nuts, at least I’m in good company. :slight_smile:

I deal with a very bureaucratic customer and over the course of the day I find myself saying: ‘I’ll be back, with the 27 b stroke 6’ quite often.

Here I was thinking about starting a thread on this, and it turns out I was beaten by three years.

The other day I had a freaking Short Circuit soundboard going in my head, from “NO DISASSEMBLE!” to “Number 5 is alive!” to “I am sporting a tremendous woody right now!” It was…weird. I usually get songs stuck, not movie lines.

Cant sleep, clown’ll eat me. Cant sleep, clown’ll eat me.

I’ve had ‘I WANT YOU TO HIT ME AS HARD AS YOU CAN!’ running through my head for days, since one of the games I’m playing has a Fight Club reference as one of the random lines spouted by the monsters. (‘His name is Robert Paulson.’ No, it doesn’t actually make any sense in the game context.)

“The white zone is for the loading and unloading of passengers only. There is no stopping in the red zone.” :wink:

I had Robert Browning’s ‘Pippa’s Song’ running through my head for a few weeks several years ago. It was driving me crazy, mostly because I couldn’t figure out where it came from. Then I realized I was reading the biography of Teddy Roosevelt I’d gotten for Christmas - ‘Mornings on Horseback’, and the rhythm of the title must have triggered, ‘Morning’s at seven, the hillside’s dew-pearled…’

Listen Betty, don’t start up with your white zone sh!t again.

‘Tenser,’ said the Tensor.
‘Tenser,’ said the Tensor.
‘Tension, apprehension,
And dissension have begun.’

I’ve had metro notices as earworms.

From London: “Mind the Gap”.

From Moscow: (transliterated, probably poorly): “Ahstarozhna. Dvery zakravayatsya”. In Russian: осторожны.Двери закрываются. Meaning: Be Careful. The doors are closing.


Heh. The announcement on the train in Valencia, Spain: Proxima parada . . . Alameda.

I loved how that female voice pronounced Alameda - the real Spanish way, not the way we slur the word here in California. And of course every time (several times a day) I see the word on a road sign or something I have to repeat it the Spanish way. Several times.

In a game last weekend, there was an item which caused the person who first picked it up to collapse and dream of being a Scottish warrior battling a horrible monster…but written for laughs. I read out the whole spiel three times, once for each team, in my best faux-Scottish accent. Bits of it have been replaying in my head ever since, especially

“Twice the size uv a mortal man, an’ goin’ regimental!”

These are interspersed with lines from Meet the Demoman.