We saw it today.

My son laughed a lot; they had a lot of physical humor.

I thought it okay but not That good.
There was suspense and a good ending.
anyone else?

Does he cough up a hair ball?

When are we going to get a “Bill the Cat” movie?

no hairball, sorry to disappoint you!

Now THAT, I’d pay to see.

How’s JLH look?

quite thin, but still cute.

For now, I’m just happy that he’s back in the comic pages.

Weren’t there plans for an Opus movie some time ago?

And when we do, is Garfield going to get a gig promoting it in costume?

Interesting that Bill Murray did a killer two-segment appearance on Letterman this week with only a passing mention of the movie. He did a funny bit about looking for temp work over the Summer, then Dave ended with something like “Oh, by the way, Garfield opens soon.” Didn’t even bother showing a clip. Oh well…take the money and run, Bill, good for you. Can’t fault the guy for doing it, it’s only showbiz after all.

Did you see Jennifer Love Hewitt on the Daily Show? Oh man, it was uncomfortable and awesome.

After weeks of clamoring, my son finally dragged me in to see Garfield this morning.

40 minutes into the film, he wanted to leave. Not a ringing endorsement in my book.

(The stuff I saw was a total “meh.” The only appealing thing in the movie was Jon’s 23" LCD computer screen)

How so?

Well, to start, that incredible lump in my pants.


It was a truly awesome interview on the Daily Show.

When the host says your Oscar-nominee co-star was just doing a voice in the movie because he’s a whore for money, how would you take it?

I haven’t seen the movie, but didn’t they miss the whole essence of Garfield? In the trailers, he’s played as an in-your-face hipster, not the lazy sourpuss he is.

Perhaps they tried to go for a totally outrageous paradigm and made his character a bit too proactive…TO THE EXTREME!

Oooh … did they throw Poochie into the movie?

My favorite quote was something like

“Wasn’t Garfield popular back in the early 80s? Why did they make the movie now?”

Hey, that should have been in a spoiler box!!! MODS!!! Wah wah!!! :frowning: