Ever heard of Cogan's Syndrome?

Do any of you know anything about Cogan’s Syndrome, a rare form of Autoimmune Inner Ear Disease (AIED)?

I’ve scoured the internet (okay…I’ve Googled it quite a few times) and found sources that offer clinical information regarding symptoms and treatment.

I’m interested in the stories of those who have it…how it came on, how it’s being managed, what helps, if there’s a pattern regarding what triggers it, what kind of impact it’s had physically, emotionally.

I’m not expecting many, if any, responses, but I figured I’d at least give it a shot.

Well, you can google as good as anyone else. So, in addition the links you find from doing that, I suggest you at least try to use PubMed.

Go to www.pubmed.com and type in Cogan’s syndrome in the search window. You will get a bunch of titles of relevant articles. Sometimes, the title itself is informative. For most of those listed, you can at least read the summary of the article (i.e. the abstract) by clicking on it. But, also to the upper right, you’ll see a link listing all the free full text articles. There are actually 62 of those which should keep you busy for some time. Please post to this thread if you have any questions re:terminology etc.

Many thanks, KarlGauss. I’ve never heard of that site. I’ll check it out.