Ever Posted Something You Thought Was Clever Or Cute......

…and then squirmed a bit when no one responded to it? This here: http://boards.straightdope.com/sdmb/showthread.php?postid=4398005#post4398005 is a case in point. (Gotta scroll down).

Mannnnnnnn! I thought that was just the neatest version of The Night Before Christmas I’d ever heard, and I’m always the guy looking for new original Christmas songs, but apparently no one took the trouble to go to the site I mentioned, or comment one way or the other.

I ain’t sad or any shit like that, just…chagrined and a little embarassed, maybe. And I don’t want anybody going to it now fer Chrissakes! I was just wondering if any of y’all feel like this (kinda like walking around with not only your fly unzipped, but a portion of your boxers sticking out of it!) :smiley:


Well, when you self impose a lengthy absence from The Board, people may tend to ignore you based on your obstinance. Who ever heard of not posting until December 23rd, in order to have a post count and anniversary coincide?

You reaped what you sowed, Quasi. Let that be a leson to ya’. Deprive us of frequent doses of your wit and wisdom, and we’ll see to it that you are shunned!

John! You are correct, sir! :D:D

In retrospect, that was pretty silly of me, but I really wanted to see if I could stay away that long. Also, I wanted to actually make the anniversary post coincide timewise (4:11am, I think it was). Man, was that ever a dismal failure!

Thing was, I brought myself up to within 1 post (2,999) and stopped like almost a month. I don’t think GMRYujin thought I was gonna make it, but I got my posting “jones” by posting to my mates on down under’s G’Dope. Was that “cheating” do ya think? :wink:

Anyway, great to see ya’ John Carter of Mars, and I wish you and yours a Happy New Year!


Of course. Look at 90% of my posts. Not much yet but I’m working on posting things that are easily overlooked.

I’m sure this happens to everyone.

I think that’s a regular occuranc with me.

I’m always annoyed when I think I’m being witty and nobody responds. Or I have part of my post that (in my eyes) is just begging to be commented on or turned into a joke. This first happened fairly early in my career when I did a very funny parody in a thread (the thread was deleted later it was someone attempting to start a board war) and nobody even replied. Maybe if the thread had survived longer.

Strangely when I have very little expectations of a post to generate anything that’s usually the ones that are quoted, bounced around and entered into the discussion. I guess there’s a lesson there I should learn sometime.

This is always happening to me. Maybe I’m a naturally boring person or maybe I just don’t post enough.

Or maybe a combination of the two.

Man, today is depressing.


awww you shouldn’t take it that way. Just assume you did such a perfect post that everyone else feels that any commentary would lessen it’s impact.

I sometimes post something I think is clever or cute. Then as soon as I have hit submit I think: that was stupid.

FWIW, I often notice posts that make me chuckle, but not so much that I am going to post to acknowledge that. I assume that most posters do the same, so if I get no explicit response I soothe my ego thinking everyone just has a quiet chuckle. :slight_smile: In some cases, however, I like to reply that I appreciated the joke, especially if it is something that isn’t immediately clear (hence makes me look smart for getting it), or if it is wildly funny.

I always wonder about that, too - both in terms of my posts that don’t receive acknowledgement, and my unspoken appreciation of other people’s posts. If the timing isn’t right I tend to let it go. A person could spend a whole afternoon just noting notable notes.

notes fessie noting notable notes

Ahhh yes…the conundrum continues

I am completely convinced that I don’t exist on these boards, so, yeah, I know what you’re talking about.

Providing evidence that Lynne_kilii does exist on these boards,

I remain,

Your faithful Quasimodem :wink:

Ah, yes. But do you have the Touch of Death? Yes, I can kill a thread with a single post! I post… thread dies an untimely death!

Witness what happened both times I told the story of how I nearly deafened myself when I put pencils in my ears and under my bottom lip to pretend I was a demon “rahr-rahr!” while sitting bored at work…

Uh-oh, my apologies. I may have just murdered your thread…

Touch of Death HA! One prolific poster was banned after quoting me another (long term memeber) was banned with the admin quoting me. I’m begining to wonder if it’s my fault.

So… are you saying we should all avoid quoting you, Darkhold? But that would make replying to some of your posts rather difficult, if we want to home in on a particular point. Thanks for the warning, though, even if it does leave yet more of your posts being studiously ignored. :stuck_out_tongue:

I did have one of my posts acknowledged with a comment to the effect that “Well, we can all go home now – no one’s going to be more clever than that.” Which gave my silly ego quite the warm fuzzy feeling, I must confess. But I too find that some of (what I think are) my best posts go totally unnoticed. Perhaps all others are simply overwhelmed with my brilliance, wit, and wordplay?

Nah, I didn’t think so. :wink:

the biggest boost I ever got was “you just became my new favorite poster”

Unfortunately it was in an advice thread where I said “Standing up for yourself is not an act of aggression no matter what anyone tells you” Not exactly witty just a comment I threw out.

As for quoting me. So far the odd are like 40-1 so I’d go for it.

Don’t flatter yourself!
“Objects in the rear-view mirror may be closer than they appear.”
Kinky Friedman

Yeah, I’ve posted lame threads where I thought I was being cute, clever, witty and whatnot… with none to very few responses. I won’t bother to cite them but it does make one feel a wee bit… chagrined. I agree with you there. But we must move on and try again. Look at my post count, I’ve moved on with little to no regret…