Ever put a cough drop [Halls] in your tea?

I have a bit of a cold, and I was heating up my tea [echinacea tea] when I had a thought ( it happens sometimes ) … Why not put my honey lemon halls cough drop in my tea, dissolve it and carry on. Well let me tell you! It works wonders, the euchalyptus (sp?) vaporizes up and makes the tea taste wonderful, even cleared my sinuses a bit :slight_smile:
Anyone else do this?

Hmmm. I’ve never done that, but it sounds like a peachy idea. I wonder could you put a shot of whiskey in there too? Can the medication in a cough drop be taken with booze? I don’t have any cough drops here to check for disclaimers.

Well I don’t drink booze anymore, but that aside, I don’t see any reason why not… I’ve seen alkaselzer in a G&T before… eeewww!

YUM! Echinacea’s not bad tasting, just sort of…blah. (And it tingles your tongue a bit if it’s the really good stuff.) But that sounds like an excellent addition. I must steal that idea.

I did, once, when I had a cold and sore throat and ran out of honey (and wasn’t feeling up to going out shopping). The metholated steam rising up from the cup of hot tea was nicely head-clearing, but the taste was of the stuff was rather cloying, so it was better for breathing than drinking.

Yup! We used to do this when I was in musical theater. It works great!

What a wonderful idea! I have a cold right now, so I will try it as soon as I get some Hall’s. My son sings in a show choir, and the choir is going to competitions every weekend now. Everyone has been passing a chest cold back and forth, and this might help clear up a few voices. :cool:

No, I put peppermint schnapps in my tea when I’m sick. Mmmm hunter’s tea. :smiley: