Ever removed the spring on Victorinox scissors?

Recently, I was thrilled to find I could order replacement parts for my Victorinox Swiss Army knife. Most importantly, I discovered I could order a replacement for the spring on the incredibly handy scissorrs. However, I cannot get the broken portion of the old spring out. I sprayed the scissors with a little WD-40 and tried to push the old loop for the scissors out but it just won’t budge. Have any of you ever replaced this part? Any suggestions of what to try? I did hit the Victorinox site, but it had no suggestions.

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Here’s my shot at it: use a small pair of needlenose pliers or a pair of wire cutters to grab the broken end. Twist the broken end toward the middle, effectively making the diameter of the remaining spring smaller. That should make it easier to remove. I realize that we’re talking about a fairly small diameter spring to begin with.

What you need is a way to clamp the scissors in a vise (probably wrapped with paper to prevent scratching), a round punch of the correct diameter (could be a nail or drill bit ground so the end is flat and square), and a small hammer.