Ever seen a huge shack?

A while back I was talking about phrases that you’re unlikely to ever hear. An example of one, I said, is “huge shack.”

As far as I know, a shack does not need to be small, so “huge shack” is not neccessarily an oxymoron. But you don’t see many large, dilapidated, crudely-build wooden structures as you do small ones. This is just because (I guess) it’s easier to build a small structurally sound structure out of crappy wood on a shoestring budget than it is a large one.

Even so, has anyone ever seen a huge shack?

I saw this building several years ago in Orlando. It definitely qualifies as a large shack, IMHO.

Yep. When I was a kid we found a “huge shack” way out in the woods behind my house. There were several tractors, old cars (and I mean OLD cars - probably from the 1910’s and '20s) and various old, dilapidated pieces of farm equipment in that old, dilapidated, huge shack. We used to sit up in the loft and smoke cigarettes and look at Playboys and do all sorts of other things that kids our age weren’t supposed to do.

I thought that area of the woods was so remote when I was a kid. The very spot that it stood is now the center courtyard of a ritzy housing development :(.

I love it how that photo of the huge shack is hosted by ImageShack. Oh, the irony! The irony! AHHHH!!! I can’t stand it!

…okay, it’s not that funny. Or ironic.

Eh, I’ve dozens of buildings like that. I consider a shack less structually sound, with no windows and likely no real doors. IIRC (it’s been awhile…) the shack in my post only had 3 walls (the missing wall may have just been a big door that didn’t close) and was made entirely of wood.

Seen. I’ve seen dozens…

Yeah I don’t generally think of shacks as having air conditioning units.

While we’re at it, who’s seen a huge shanty? (A shanty, by the way, is a notch below a shack - even cruder and more dilapidated.) Ever seen a 50-by-70 sheet of corrugated aluminum leaning up against two tree trunks with a few bedsheets sewn together, maybe some old cable spools for furniture?

Geez, I can’t believe I’m the first to mention this one.