Ever tried an Oxygen Bar?

There is a thread devoted to Hammacher Schlemer and because I’m trying to avoid work this morning I went out and browsed the site. On it I found a portable oxygen bar. I have never really understood the oxygen bar concept. Now I see you can get a personal one.

I am genuinely curious: Has anyone every tried an oxygen bar? What is the purpose? Does it make you feel better/different?

I got an Oxygen bar from a health food store when I was hungry and in a hurry one day. Lemme tell ya something, you don’t want to bite into one of those things too fast if you have fillings. Met some lovely people at the burn ward, though.

Love is like an oxygen bar. You get too much, you get too high. Not enough and you’re going to die.

I’ve never understood the need for one. People with a genuine need get a tank of O[sub]2[/sub] and a nasal cannula.

Hammacher Schlemmer, dedicated to separating rich stupid people from their money…

ETA: Ender, a hearty Foxtrot Yankee to you for planting that awful earworm in my head.

Ive never done it, but while people may not need it, but that doesn’t mean there’s no point for it. The fact that there are people who genuinely need to be on oxygen means there must be people who sometimes need oxygen, which means there must be people who sometimes could somewhat benefit from oxygen, all the way down to there being people who don’t need it at all, but it makes them a little bit better for a moment. Thats the point of any kind of bar. Still, I don’t imagine Ill ever pay for it.

I’ve considered keeping a tank at my house for guests. I live at a very high altitude.

Heck, my cousin that lives in Denver can’t even handle my house :frowning:

We have a word for those kinds of people.


The one on the site only concentrates the oxygen in the surrounding air for an increase of 30%. IANAD, but that doesn’t sound like much of a difference to me.

I went to one once. It was an interesting experience - sorta like having a couple of energy drinks without the nasty taste or the jitters. I just felt somewhat energized and clearheaded. I can see if I was having a crap-tastic day maybe wanting to partake, but it wasn’t something that left a huge impression on me. In fact, this thread made me think of it for the first time in years.

Good point. So instead of breathing air with 21% oxygen, you now get to breathe air with 27% oxygen. And it only costs you $300!

It was free with a spa day. I got eucalyptus ‘flavored’ (scented?), thinking it would clear out my sinuses. It sort of burned, but not too badly. Didn’t make me feel differently at all – but then again, I’d just had a massage and felt gorgeous, so it was hard to tell. Pretty unremarkable and tres '90s.

I used to live more-or-less across the street from this place. Never went, and mercilessly mocked the place. I can’t believe it’s still there - it’s been a good 8 years since it opened.



I too have always made fun of the concept and have never tried it. I can’t see myself paying for oxygen. But I’m still kind of curious about how this continues to be a successful concept. I suppose if it were free I’d give it a go.

I tried it once at a free oxygen bar set up at an ACS national meeting. Interesting, maybe a bit of an effect, but nothing I’d shell out money for.

I saw a show on the Discovery channel about these.

They’re basically a scam. They concluded (scientifically) that you could get just as much oxygen by breathing in deeply a couple of times. Also, in the subjects tested in the show; there was no discernable difference in their blood work. (Or something like that. my memory is a little vague)

So basically, if you think an oxy bar did you any good; it’s all in your head.

No oxygen bar but I could go for a nitrous oxide bar!

So is it per-breath, or a flat rate for all the air you can suck?

Are these oxygen bars serving pure O2 (or is that lethal)? Or just O2 mixed with ambient air?

You could just wait until Reddi-Whip goes on sale and buy a bunch cans. Then just inhale the gas. (My cousin was talking about this at Thanksgiving)