Ever tried viewing the SDMB with windows narrator on?

Particularly the BBQ pit. Quite amusing.

And as I type out this post it’s speaking the letters, not the words. (spelling out my words)

Vista Ultimate. It’s quite a well spoken American female voice. But she sounds somewhat demented as I type this out at near my fastest typing speed.

And As I move over to something else it begins describing the application to me… going through each button in return.

And it occurs to me that I can listen to her and type without looking (using her narration as the feedback)

How would I attempt to do this?

Well I found it almost by accident. I wondered what the button in the bottom left was when I locked my computer. It’s the ‘ease of access’ button.

Click it and you will get a series of options. One of which is the narrator.

Another is High contrast mode which makes everything much harder to see.
ETA: To lock your computer hold the windows key and press the L key.

I got it to work, but it wont read out the posts for me, only everything above them.

Alt+S Tool Tip!

It doesn’t for me either. But it reads out the thread preview if you hover over a thread. Even if the hint disappears it carries on reading.

What was interesting was when it was reading out the thread titles (when you view the main page)

If anyone can figure out a way to get it to read out the post please let us know… It would mean we could listen to the dope!

The lowest pitch and speed is especially funny. It sounds more lifelike too.