Ever use a "Wireless Media Box"?

When I bought my big LG smart TV, it also came with a separate “Wireless Media Box”. At first I didn’t pay much attention to it. I hooked up my satellite box, BluRay player, phone and internet, and everything seemed fine.
Then when I started to do things like watch Youtube videos, I found that using the remote to enter phrases or web sites was extremely slow and cumbersome. So I thought it would be great if I could just use a keyboard to navigate, like when I’m browsing the internet on my desktop. So now I wonder if my Wireless Media Box comes into play here. The owner’s manual talks about installation of the box, but not about what it’s really used for.
So what is the useful purpose of a Wireless Media Box, and can I use a wireless keyboard to surf the web on my smart TV?

Sounds like a knockoff of a Roku, SlingBox, etc.

I have yet to find a media-center streaming device that accepts a full keyboard, other than a full computer. I gave up on a media computer because of the complexity and cumbersome interfaces, but none of the three streamers I have (TV, blu-ray player or Roku) have keyboard options. The Roku is pretty fast and responsive on the letter-punching, but I know what you mean about the slow, laggy and just plain irritating versions of that tech.

Hook up the box and see what it does.

You can use a USB keyboard with a PS3, though I’m not sure how that compares with the others for the sort of stuff you’d need a keyboard for. The web browser is pretty bad, IMO (as they are on all consoles) so it’s not like you’d want to use it enough to make it worth bothering with the keyboard, but I’ve never used the Netflix service or anything like that with it, just streaming video/music/pics from my PC right to the PS3.