Ever use baby wipes

for yourself?

When I lifeguarded, one of my coworkers brought them in for use after spicy meals. Great for that burning ring of fire sensation. And, for the more hirsute, well, as Adam Corolla said, explianing his purchase of a bidet, “It’s like peanut butter on shag carpet.”

My wife was quite surprised that I, being the cheap dutchmen that I am, would spend extra on baby wipes. I told her it makes my ass feel better. I prefer the Kandoo, “your tyke’s first tp”- it gives one that extra boost of confidence to face the day after your morning consitutional. Plus, there’s a bit of aloe.

So, anyone else want to fess up?

My husband does.


I use them in my car. Great for ‘washing’ hands, wiping up spills, blotting soiled clothes, etc. :slight_smile: I haven’t used them in the loo very much.

At home we get Cottonelle wipes that don’t even mention babies. I have a small pack of wipes in my purse. I’m not going to pretend they’re for my hands.

Like Caricci, not baby wipes, per se, as they are not flushable. The Cottonelle moist wipes and such are the best! (By “and such”, I mean, the Cottonelle smells good and feels good, but the generic are just fine, too).

The following is spoilered because it’s TMFI:

Since I had weight loss surgery, I malabsorb; this means that what comes out of me is more acidic than what comes out of most people. This makes excellent hygiene much more important to comfort.

I always have a pack of wipes in my car. Great for general washup after nearly anything, including simple sweat.

They wipe off automotive oil & grease better than any shop product I’ve ever found.

They clean stains out of clothing.

They are great for getting the fishy smell off my hands after a fishing trip.

Wipes are great. :smiley:

I’m never used them for…err…personal cleaning, but I do use them for everyday cleanup. They’re teriffic for dusting, cleaning up anything that has dried on, and they’re especially helpful when I’m painting. Love 'em!

Yep, I use em for all kinds of stuff, includin’ poopin’.

I use them now and then when I have one of those “won’t come clean after several attempts” deuces.

Note: Don’t flush wipes, even if they say they’re flushable…they’re not; not in the long run, anyway.

I will use them on occasion, more so when traveling.

As a friend of mine put it… once you have a baby and get used to having them around you dont stop buying them. They serve many purposes. Visit from Aunt Flo always calls for another round of wipes…

Also, as a nurse, dealing with incontinent patients…I find that having some with me helps if I get… smudges… lets say… on my uniform.

One or more of my cats is a high-steppin’ pisser, so baby wipes are great for wiping around the edge of the litterbox. Although, I might not use actual baby wipes depending on what I bought last time I shopped. Sometimes they’re just general disinfected wipes not marketed for babies in particular.

May I suggest the Booda Dome? Sure, it can get kinda stanky under there and one of our cats always yells “Welcome to the Booda Dome, baby! Enjoy your stay!!” whenever we clean it, but it sure curtails the sprayin’ bandits.

With regard to wipes, The Blue Dog has very short hair/exposed skin under his pits and on his belly. These parts get pretty “sweaty” and funky, so rather than subjecting myself to the whole day of guilt trips that inevitably follow a scrubbing, I use Pampers Wipes with aloe for a spot treatment.

I don’t use them for myself but they are perfect for wiping the dogs butt after I take him morning walk. Also very good at picking up after him when I oversleep.

They’re great for cleaning around knobs on appliances and other finicky areas where you don’t want to use a lot of liquid.

I adore baby wipes. I don’t know what I did before I regularly had baby wipes around. They’re my general “Oops!” wipes - any spill on just about any surface (except the kitchen, where I have a sponge for such things) calls for a baby wipe. They’re good, as previously mentioned, for food spills on clothing, for menstrual…uh…overflow, for sticky toddler fingers and crunchy Mama feet (3 toddlers + food and drink + clumping cat litter = black soles, no matter how often one sweeps and mops). When I’m camping with no showers nearby, I use baby wipes for a “hippie bath” - face, hands, crotch, ass, cleavage, feet, pits (not necessarily in that order). They’re my “napkins” when eating barbeque, because they don’t make your hands taste like alcohol wipes or fragrance. They’re good for getting spots off of a microfiber couch. Good for a quick wipe of the bathroom sink, the grunge that builds up near light switches and the slate table in the front hall and the painted bookshelves. They’re much cheaper and less stinky than the general cleansing wipes you can buy in the cleaner aisle.

They are NOT very good on stained sealed wood (leaves a cloudy streaky mess behind) and they are not good on glass. I have surface-specific wipes for those.

I don’t think I’ve ever used them on my ass after defecation, though. I don’t really have the shag problem.

Isn’t that why God gave them tongues?

I absolutely use baby wipes. I really think it’s best for the environment if we use the whole baby.

Jumping Jack Christ. I wish I could use them to wipe the memory of this thread from my mind. I don’t need thoughts of incontinent dogs and dopers lurking in my skull.

I use them to clean my hands after shaking hands with people. I shake their hand and then, while they go on about whatever it is they want to talk about, take a moment to sanitize my hands.

My father uses them because of hemorrhoids.

I use Wet Ones in the car for cleanup of me and the car. They are vaguely reminiscent of baby wipes.

This is why you should never buy a used car.