Ever use Critter Ridder for squirrels?

I am having a hell of a time with squirrels this year and now they’ve really crossed a line.

I’m usually pretty understanding, I didn’t mind that they got the cherries or that they mowed down most of the flowers. It’s been an incredibly dry year where I am and there seems to be lots of babies born this season, a bumper crop. Large mullberry trees in my neighbours yard insure there will always be lots. I put water out for them, and try not to get upset when they chew down my flowers only to discover they aren’t all that tasty, as they are just babies and don’t know yet what’s what.

This year they took the blackberries, usually given a pass because of the big thorns. And also the raspberries. I admit I was loosing patience and considering chicken wire for next year.

But now I discover they have de barked two of the large hedge bushes at the back fence. Should they kill them a lot of my privacy will disappear from my yard, I’d hate that.

So I’ve decided to take action before it gets any worse and hope it’s not too late for my lovely and large hedges.

I’m considering a product called Critter Ridder, used in organic gardening. Aerosal, lasts for 30 days, repells, cats, raccoons, dogs, and Squirrels!

But I’d love to hear if anyone else has tried it and does it really work?

Didn’t work for me. I probably didn’t use enough often enough WE.

The thing that worked the best for me was a catch’em alive trap. Looks like a big wire box that the ends shut on when the critter walks in for the bait. I used bird seed, beacuse they were abusing the bird feeders.

Over 6 months, I systematically drove a couple squirrells a week 10 miles down the road and let them go.

With the exception of the skunk incident, there was little expense and little work to rid my place of squirrells. We covered the trap with a tarp when the skunk walked into it, and managed to open the ends with a broomstick without exposing anyone to the skunk butt. He never sprayed, but it took him a good 6 hours of solitude to decide that it was safe to leave.

On the other hand, if you have a pellet gun and a good dog …