Ever voluntarily taken to your bed?

This thread is really making me want to take to my bed. :smiley:

I don’t think I ever have, more than faking sick for a day or two. Or surgery, which is obviously a decent excuse to take to one’s bed, but I do tend to milk it a few extra days no matter what.

I have never really done this. I take a nap after work and will lay on the sofa drugged into semi-conciousness when I’m sick. But I have never just hit the sack out of a desire to be dramatic.

Unless you’re talking about smelling salts, you don’t take the vapors, you get them. The vapors (also hysteria) was a condition akin to today’s PTSD or possibly depression whereby women would suffer fainting spells, headaches, lethargy, and sometimes psychosomatic paralysis. Before Freud, the typical treatment was for the physician to masturbate the woman to orgasm. In persistent cases, the uterus was removed.

So, um, if that’s what floats your boat…


I always wondered if the vapors had something to do with being constricted by a corset.

If an afternoon counts, I did this once, after an awful breakup. Several weeks after, actually, but I think I was depressed for awhile and was having a particularly horrid day. It got better after that, though.