Ever witness something terrible, then remembered years later?

A few days ago, I woke up in the morning and suddenly remembered something that happened four years ago.

A former friend of mine had moved to LA, and was having a birthday party. His uncle was driving down there to visit, and me and another friend were offered a ride to go down and see him. I jumped at the chance to see my friend, and went. At the party I drank heavily, and the following morning had a terrible hangover. Thus, during the 8 hour drive back to San Jose, I had no recollection of what was going on.

Until earlier this week…The Uncle had a daughter, maybe 2 or 3 years old, sitting in the passenger seat. I suddenly remember that through much of the trip, the Uncle was alternating between looking at the road, and looking at a porn magazine. I’m also fairly certain he was probably masturbating to it. The thought of this going on really creeps me out- and I feel really wierd that at the time it happened I was just sitting there like a friggin zombie without saying anything, and that when I finally am aware of everything its 4 years after the fact :frowning: