Ever wonder what a brick of Baker's chocolate tastes like but never tried it?

As one who has eaten bricks of Baker’s chcolate, I can tell you Hershey’s Extra Dark is pretty close.

Which kind of Baker’s chocolate? There are differences between the semisweet and the unsweetened, for instance. If the latter… ew.

Don’t addicts usually crumble that into a hookah, and smoke it?

God, I hope not. I can’t think of a more foul way to get a chocolate fix. It tastes like chalk and oil, and not much else.

The latter, yes. Forgot there are different kinds. Hershey’s Extra Dark is 60% cocoa.

I am embarrassed to admit this reminds me of an episode of Roseanne. Tom Arnold is in the kitchen, talking to Rosie, who is fixing to bake something. He picks up a piece of (presumably) baker’s chocolate and starts nibbling. They keep talking. As he’s getting ready to leave he says, “BTW Rosie. This chocolate… is BAD.” Walks out of the kitchen, all the while STILL NIBBLING ON THE CHOCOLATE!. :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow. I was just thinking the same thing. I blame Nick@Nite and insomnia. As a seventeen-year-old, there’s no logical reason as to why I should know the episode in question.

And, on topic, I’ve tried un-sweetened bakers chocolate before. In fact, I used to eat it when I was younger. I think that there is something wrong with my taste buds, 'cause I always liked it more than milk-chocolate. I don’t think I could stomach it these days, though. Blech.

I recently ate a Lindt 85% cocoa bar. In retrospect, it was probably intended for cooking but it was being sold with the other eating chocolate, so I figured I try it.

Actually both my husband & I did this as children. Separately of course, but we had about the exact same experience.
Looking thru the pantry-stomach rumbling-discover a block of chocolate.
A block of chocolate, partially used. What in the world?
It isn’t easy but break off a piece. Stick in your mouth.
Discover that it is possible to dislike chocolate.
Sit there trying to puzzle out why this tastes like doo-doo smells and is still chocolate, try to decide ,“Do I spit it out? It’s chocoloate-but it tastes AWFUL!!!” and drool all over myself.
I think it was the first time I ever brushed my teeth twice and wanted to gargle with Listerine. It was unsweetened, dark chocolate blocks–talk about eeewwwhhh, blech, scrape tougue.
Granted I was about 7 and he was about 4 or 5.

I love the Lindt 99% cocoa bars. I tried it expecting to hate it, but it’s delicious.

I don’t even like regular dark chocolate for the most part, and I always fancied myself a milk chocolate girl. I don’t like the combination of sweet and bitter. But then I tried the 99%. It lacks the sweetness… it’s just bitter. Oh, my mouth is watering!

Oh, wow… I didn’t know they made them that “dark”. Never thought milk-chocolate was all that great. But semi-sweet is delicious. And dark chocolate is awesome. The chocolatier down the street sells Dark, dark chocolate bars (72%) which are Deeeelicious! But as good as they are, I’ve always thought they could be a little darker. I like the bitter “pure” flavor of the cocao, and was looking for a way to get a stronger fix. I was toying with the idea of brewing a coffee-like drink using cocao beans. That 99% bar sounds awesome though!

My new Cooks Illustrated magazine discusses this question. They rank Bakers chocolate as BAD. Scharffen Berger is ranked as BEST.

Trader Joe’s has a wonderful array of cocoa bars. I have some on the counter @ 80% which are just yummy.

The Lindt either 70 or 80%, I forget which, are really good, and I hate dark chocolate.

When I was a little girl I saw my mom with the baking chocolate and asked for some. She said I wouldn’t like it, I wanted it anyway, and she let me have it. Urrrrgh. Same thing with the vanilla extract, by the way. Mom was a great one for learning by experience.

Ghirardelli Intense Dark, Twilight Delight= wonderful addictive, so it’s good you can’t eat too much at a single sitting, complex, intense, fantastic mouth feel. :cool: