Ever wonder what happened to the screaming, blood spitting Florida doctor carrying $58,000 in cash?

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Oops! Looks like they suspected his hospital privileges. Those meanies.

Dyamn! That video was hilarious. I wonder what he was hopped up on that allowed him to bash his own face in without feeling any pain. Bath salts??

I doubt it was bath salts. My guess is either more typical street drugs or good ol’ fashioned crazy.

Remember, crazy is never in short supply.

That behavior is consistent with good old’ fashioned etoh, IME.

That plus a doctor who probably thinks he’s above the law and that going to the hospital is somehow going to get him out of trouble ('cause that’s where his friends are!).

He’s an anesthesiologist. Narrative flourish demands he was hopped up on an exotic cocktail of his own creation.

I would suspect his hospital privileges had something to do with it as well. :smiley:

My first thought was he wanted to get to the hospital where he works in order to destroy some kind of evidence. But having read more, I’m more inclined to, “just fuckin’ crazy”.

Oh, and the OP link story was from just a month ago. Nothing gets resolved in the legal system in a month unless there’s a confession or a very quick plea bargain.

Well then… it was obviously the popo’s fault for umm… well something.

Wow. That guy is seriously messed up. Glad they nabbed him before he killed anybody.

You don’t get considered strange in Florida until you start eating people’s faces off.

I understand that that’s actually a fairly common problem with anesthesiologists - why use street drugs when you have free access to much better shit?

He is a poster boy for what is wrong with the American system of medical care: it is not about patients, healing and health, it is about making a profit and accruing large quantities of wealth and real estate. Just ask the doctors that run it. When they are not too busy like this one is.

That is sooo not consistent with the docs I work with.