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I’ve been pondering this game for a while. the online concept is intruging, something that I think I’d like to try. Can anyone give me a run-down of the basics? How much is it per month? What do I get for that? How many characters can I build? Is it friendly to new players? How low-end computer friendly is it? (I assume it can’t be to graphics-intensive as it has, what, six expansions? All the information you have is welcome.

Also, my mom has proven to be pretty leery about using her credit card online. She has an amazon account, but not much else. Any idea on what arguments and facts I could use to prove that she won’t be robbed blind by the evil Everquest gamelords?:smiley:

12.95 month billable monthly, 3month, 6month or yearly. Game Cards can be bought from locale electronic stores (ie BestBuy) that give 3 months access.
You get unlimited access, log in any time, any day for as long as you want. You can create 8 characters per server, with there being 40ish some servers. Most are the same, but others are primarily French, German, or special game rules apply.
It is very graphic and memory intense. SUre you can squeak by with all the settings off/Low with a low end computer, but the real beauty of EQ is best realized with a higher end computer and Video card. A good connection also helps, DSL/Cable. I played with a p4 2.2ghz, 738 ram, 128DDR video card, DSL and EQ ran nearly flawless.
Oh and if you do decide to play, Say goodbye to your social life :).


Everquest has been getting progressively friendlier towards new players (sometimes to the chargrin of older players who had to walk uphills in the snow three miles just to hit a giant rat with a broken stick) but still has a bit of a learning curve. Should you decide to play it, make use of the numerous online resources available to help yourself out. The AllaKhazam link given is priceless as are the offical Everquest message forums.

The game itself is simple when broken down. Really, it’s all about killing things, taking their stuff and using it to kill bigger things. Rinse and repeat. Eventually, you reach a point where you get together with a bunch of others to kill really, really big things and take their stuff. It’s dressed up in game lore, quests, etc but that’s the crux of it. What makes the game worth playing (in my opinion) are the other people you interact with to compliment each other’s abilities to kill stuff and take their loot. The focus of the game is Player Vs. Environment – you and others against computer controlled monsters in a variety of settings, though there are a couple dedicated Player Vs. Player servers. Yeah, some of the people are serious twits and some people will make you wonder why you’re paying money to deal with them, but it’s a huge game world and there’s plenty of places to go when someone is being a dink.

Everquest is owned by Sony Online Entertainment, a division of the same Sony who makes TVs, distributes movies, etc. The game has 420,000+ subscribers all paying their $13 a month. So I don’t think they need to resort to creditcard fraud to pay their electric bills.

Should you decide to play or just want more information, drop on by the AllaKhazam forums where I post under the same name as here. There’s a fair amount of trash talking between regulars there, but I’ve yet to see an honest newbie question go unanswered and people unwilling to help.

The critical thing to bear in mind before you play the game is that it is not a skill-based FPS. It’s nothing like “Quake” or “Thief.” Combat essentially comprises of walking up to a monster and pressing a button to attack, at which point your character and the enemy stand there and commence attack rolls, the speed and success of which is based on a variety of statistics - in other words, it’s Dungeons and Dragons. Your job basically consists of managing this process; do I let myself continue attacking or cast an attack spell now? At what point do I attempt to retreat? Should I attack the enemy with a spell, or should I spend my valuable mana healing the warrior in my group?

Playing in a group in EQ is critically important because

A) It would be boring if you didn’t, and

B) The game is so contrived that group play is essential to advancement. It’s possible to advance with purely solo play but it takes a long, long time, it’s boring, and there would still be some things you couldn’t possibly do.

Despite all the expansions, the game IS extremely graphics intense; the minimum requirements when it was first published are no longer sufficient to play the game.

My computer now is literally twice the computer -in every aspect- of the computer that I played EQ flawlessly on when it came out and now I can’t run it, even with all the settings at their lowest possible positions.

Make sure you have better than:

850mhz CPU
32MB AGP Video
512 RAM

Because this doesn’t cut it anymore.

I powerlevelled a Gnome Mage to level 52 on Stromm server over the course of about three weeks back in May/June on my brotjer’s computer and then quit “until I could get a better computer.”

EQ Is somewhat of an all or nothing thing though. The more you play, the more you want to play, and the less you play, well, the less you want to play.

Maybe I’ll have that new comp by the time EQ2 comes out.


you just described my computer, only mine’s slightly worse.

Oh well, maybe I can get some funds for a new computer for christmas.

just to clarify, for 13$ a month you get 8 characters per server?
That seems like a lot, am I understanding that wrong?

Yes you get the ability to make 8 chars per server and there are over 40 servers. You will not use all of them, chances are you won’t fill up the 8 slots on the first server you pick for a long long time, if at all. I played EQ for over 3 years, it can take over your life if you let it. I still remember wednesday nights at 2 in the morning having lost miserably to a dragon for the second time that night and looking at a long recovery time just to get our corpse back, then the guild leader of course pipes in with “one more try guys, we can get it this time” and staying up even though i knew it would take at least 2 more hours just to get back to where we left off.

I’ve done things like that in games.

In single player.

I’m easily obsessed :smiley:

That’s one of the things that I like in a game, the ability to keep me there for hours on end. What’s the level cap in Everquest?

Hate to be a damper on the enthusiasm, but this is coming from a former EQ Cleric…

Do not ever, and I mean EVER, expect to be able to log on for a little while after work and kill some meanies while waiting for that pizza you ordered. Unless things have changed (since Velious) you must find a group to accomplish anything of importance.

Certain classes (necromancers, druids, sometimes shaman) can dodge this. However, the rest find themselves unable to go solo after a certain level.

I remember logging on and waiting for a while to find a group of just the right class balance to kill mobs to get the right amount of experience… it’s a science now. If you don’t play one of the classes that fits into the efficient equation, it’ll be hard to find a group. And because EQ is so group-oriented, there won’t be a lot for you to hunt on your own while you’re waiting to find a group.

I loved the heck out of EQ for a long time. It’s a lot of fun. Just don’t go in with blinders on, and realize that you need other players to help you out and group with you at all levels of the game. As such, you’re depending on the general goodness of the online community at large. Heh…

Nope, that’s the rule.

It simply will not happen that you will use that many characters, though. There’s just no value in it. Getting a character to high levels requires a large investment of time, but that’s how you get to see new things and do cool stuff. You’re not going to want to spend time getting 8 characters to level 25 when you could spend the same amount of time getting one character to level 50. You’ll probably end up starting a few characters but settling on one as your main character, in a class/race you find suits your playing style, with one or two “alts” you use to play a different style.

Furthermore, 99% of EQ players stay on one server. You can play on them all, but… why would you want to? Switch to another server and you start all over again with a Level 1 character, plus you don’t know anyone on the server.

Yeah, I realized that from some reading I’ve done(referring to both the necessity of other players and the time cost of building characters). I’m just trying to keep my options clear, if that makes any sense.

It seems i won’t be doing anything untill i get a better machine though.:frowning:

The current lvl cap on Everquest is 65. There’s also “alternate experience” available after 51 which allows you to learn additional skills, etc.

I used to play on a K6-2 500MHz with a 64meg PCI GeForce2 and 512megs SDRAMM memory. Had to turn the graphics way down, but it lasted me through the second most recent expansion. I’d probably still be using it if the power supply hadn’t gotten funky and I decided it was better just to buy a new computer.

I agree somewhat with Lovelee but also disagree with a lot of it. I won’t get into it because (A) this isn’t an EQ board and (B) it won’t help you to listen to us discuss a bunch of game terms and whatnot, but I’ll settle for saying that EQ does favor those who can put the time into it. It’s really more of a hobby than a game since you never actually “win” so if you just put an hour a week into it or something, you won’t see much progress.

If your Mom is really hedging about using her CC online (though I’ve played for 4+ years and never had a billing problem personally, I’ve even paid to download the last two expansions instead of going out and buying the boxed version), they sell Game Time cards at alot of stores that sell PC games, I know Best Buy carries em if you live near one. I think they’re like 39.99 and cover 3 months worth of your monthly fees.

If your Mom is really hedging about using her CC online (though I’ve played for 4+ years and never had a billing problem personally, I’ve even paid to download the last two expansions instead of going out and buying the boxed version), they sell Game Time cards at alot of stores that sell PC games, I know Best Buy carries em if you live near one. I think they’re like 39.99 and cover 3 months worth of your monthly fees.

Best of all, there is a server wide SDMB chat channel that you can log into while playing EQ :slight_smile:

However, I seldom see dopers using it. C’mon people. Chat a little!

54 Mage

I sometimes pop on on the serverwide channel, but lately it’s been passworded, plus I have too many damn chat channels as it is and it’s hard to keep up.

If you get into Everquest, be warned, it’s not a game, it’s a way of life. It’s a social club plus a game plus a potentially addictive hobby. Mr. Athena thinks I’m nuts because I refer to my in-game buddies as my friends. It’s hard to think of them otherwise; if I don’t talk to them because I’m playing the game I get emails or talk via the guild message board.

Athena, aka
Bryllyn Y’per
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Officer, <Gale of Destruction>
Yes, I’m a nerd!

Scrap that Everquest junk!

WWIIOnline is where you want to be!


Well the beauty of single player games is that eventually you win, and you can finally put it down and say “wow, that was great, im finally done”. With everquest it turns into “wow, that was great, whats next?” I’ve been obsessed with single player games too, but i’ve never found one that held me for 3 long years.