Everybody loves Creedence!

Creedence Clearwater Revival. Everyone loves them. Am I wrong?

Honestly, I have never in my life met anyone (that I know of, at least) who doesn’t like CCR, and most everyone can sing along to at least one of their songs. I am a 19 year old guy living in Southern California, if that has any effect on things. Admittedly, I haven’t gone out of the area to find out if it’s merely a geographical oddity, but I have talked to people from many walks of life about this, and they all like the Creedence.

I grew up listening to CCR. I own 1 album - best of - but haven’t listened to it in yonks. Great driving music though!

FWIW, my father was a SoCal boy too :slight_smile:

I love 'em. They’re one of my dad’s favourite bands, so I grew up listening to them as well.

Forgot to mention this in the OP, and I think it’s been mentioned in other threads, but bears repeating: I was abolutely shocked and appalled when I saw the ad for some jeans that used “Fortunate Son” as a patriotic tune…cut out the vocals right before the “it ain’t me” line.

My favorite Creedence song is “Green River”. I love the guitar work.

Well, someone’s gotta do it. I can’t stand CCR. They’re one of the few bands that make me literally, slightly sick to my stomach if I listen to them. Proud Mary, Down on the Corner, Fortunate Son…Ugh. shudder

Can’t stand them is a little strong for me, but I don’t like Creedence either. Not trying to throw water on anybody’s Revival, though. :wink:

Can’t stand them is a little strong for me, but I don’t like Creedence either. Not trying to throw water on anybody’s Revival, though. :wink:

My mom doesn’t like them, but me and my dad do! Suzie Q has one of the more clever drum parts of that era. I saw Doug Clifford playing double paradiddles on a practice pad during some documentary, and he was absolutely smoking.

Whazzisname’s vocals were unequaled, as well.

Anybody who doesn’t like Creedence is obviously a dirty robot commie…


Ender_Will, it might surprise you to learn that at one time it was very fashionable to bash CCR. This wasn’t just a “local” thing among my crowd. I recall numerous disparging remarks about them in underground comix, etc.
I think it was because they didn’t do a lot of references to drugs or sex. I believe Rolling Stone magazine detested them, but I could be wrong.
Me, I think they’re great. I’m looking for a good deal on their CD box set, and if anyone knows of a good deal, let me know!

Or they really are a fortunate son.

John Fogerty is a genius. The hits have been overplayed, but listen to a song like Someday Never Comes, brilliant combination of chords and lyrics. I was trying to learn every guitar style possible during my time at University (I was a bit obsessed), we used to affectionately call CCR “Swamp Rock.”

Admittedly, John has kinda lost it. His last hit IIRC was Center Field:

*Put me in coach,

  • I’m ready to play (clap-clap) today (clap-clap)
    Look at me-e, I could be-e…Center field*


If by “fortunate son” you mean the son of an alcoholic, ditch digger, then I guess I am. :slight_smile: Seriously, though, I’m not dissing anybody for liking CCR. To each his or her own, I say. It’s just that whenever I hear Creedence, the first mental image I get is an unkempt, quasi-toothless hillbilly barefoot and in overalls sitting on the porch of a shack, brandishing a shotgun and a large jug of moonshine with “XXX” written on the side. :stuck_out_tongue:

Which is a pretty funny image to have for a band that is from the San Francisco Bay area.

CCR’s best stuff is absolutely magnificent. The only problem is, they weren’t at their best often enough! If I could put together my 15 favorite CCR songs, I’d have a masterpiece of an album. But I’ve never liked any CCR album all the way through (“Cosmo’s Factory” comes closest).

Cheif Crunch …lol…That’s really funny because I picture almost the same thing in my mind when I hear their songs…but then, I’m just a dirty robot commie.

Again, to each his/her own.:wink:

What does that have to do with anything? You weren’t aware their music has heavy elements of rockabilly and country? :confused:

I love Creedence! But then again, I’m a 22 year old in Southern California so maybe I am just part of your geographical oddity. I think a lot of people like Creedence though… But now everytime I hear them I think of The Dude from The Big Lebowski! I guess that’s not such a bad thing though!

When I first heard “Proud Mary” back in 1969, I decided that I did not like this CCR bunch at all. When the radio stations flipped the single and started playing “Born on the Bayou,” I had to revise that opinion a little bit. Well, rather a lot, really, because that’s a fantastic song! (I’m still not fond of “Proud Mary” to this day.) And then when “Green River” came out, it sealed the deal…Fogerty may have thought he was writing about the mighty Mississippi, but I know the song is really about the creek behind the Hafer steel works in San Diego where I used to catch tadpoles. “Wrote a Song for Everyone” indeed…