shIT PUPPET nutgargleASS CREED!!

I hate Creed. Dear Sweet Angry Lice on a Dead Dog, do I HATE CREED! I WISH THEY WOULD SPONTANEOUSLY IMPLODE AND BE STRICKEN FROM ALL MEMORY. If I had a left nut, I would give it to NEVER HAVE TO HEAR any more of their whiney, semi-jesusy, pansyass, oral farts recorded on wuss setting. They and which ever smeg-chunk DJs decided that Creed was “so k3wl” need to be taken out to a KMart parking lot and have shopping carts rammed into their genital areas at high speeds before being tied to the light posts and shot with flaming anal rat cannons!! YOU SHITWHOREturtleCUnts filled with pus and fleas!!

Also, to Mr. SO-Hunny-Tumpkins, there is no excuse for turning the radio up when it is: Creed, Nickelbarf, Avril “Go Back to goddamn Canada you talentless whorebag, you’re not even that hot” Lavigne, or Suck 182. The next time you do this, I will kick you in the nether regions until you cry like a little girl and vomit all over your new car.


Creed? Having trouble in catechism class? Confirmation anxiety perhaps?

[sub]Or is Creed one of them new fangled rock groups us old farts don’t know nothin’ about?[/sub]

“flaming anal rat cannons” is pretty damn funny.

Wow. Speaking in tongues. Awesome. Not the usual message, but still. I can see the Light in you… :slight_smile:

::Rolls around on the ground and froths at the mouth::


Couldn’t agree more with ya. Creed. I am soooooo tired of hearing them and their tired, worn out, stolen sound. These guys wanna be the Christian Pearl Jam so bad. And that lead singer. Dude, you suck big time and you are quite freakin ugly with that big honker on your face. Your music sucks and so do your sanctimonious lyrics.

Can you take me higher? Please don’t because I don’t wanna be associated with you buttnuggets.

Knock knock,

Who’s there?


Creed Who?


ROTFLMFAOThanks for making me laugh today,glarGh.I needed that.
You may now continue with your regularly scheduled ranting…beepitybeepbeepbeep…


That’s a fine, fine rant. Well done! :smiley:


‘SHITWHOREturtleCUnts’ was a nice touch. It brought a tear to my eye and I vow to use it wisely.

I hate to be cliche’, but “flaming anal rat cannons” would make a GREAT band name.

The spiritual successor to Creed, perhaps.

I kinda like Nickelback, though…

Guess the other Creed sucks thread wasn’t enough.

I like creed

And I think Avril is hot.

Yes. Creed. Fucking. Creed.

I hate them. I hate their music. I hate their music publishers. I hate their management. I hate their parents, siblings, and (probably) 12-Stepping ex-crack-ho girlfriends.

A friend of mine and I were bemoaning the plethora of “white boy angst” (we are both of the honky persuasion) bands on the radio. Then we launched into a simultaneous, venemous, rant against the “sanctimonious white boy angst” band known as Creed. FUCK! Now, most would not consider me the “hippest” guy in the world (my favorite band is Rush, don’t y’know. Catch them on their last tour? I did! Sheer geeky prog-rock ecstacy!) But sheeeeeit! Some posing, Pearl Jam wannabe, prima donna, and ever-loving BORING band like this? FUCK! The only think I can think of to make their music interesting is if one, or all, of them developed some nasty drug habits. Naw. Then it would probably be some whiny, self-flagellating tripe at high volume. Oh. Wait. They already do that now. Without drugs. And with sanctimony. FUCK! Where’s a rock star-killing plane crash when you need one?

I have all three of their albums. :slight_smile:

Soup!!! Noooo!!!

Don’t listen to them! You’ll turn out just like them! Don’t you see?

::Mourning Soup_du_jour::

Oh wait, it’s just musical taste. Never mind.

This is priceless. The pus and fleas is what does it for me. :smiley:

You are a fucking poet, glarGH! You’ve got to be one of the most consistently entertaing and inventive ranters on this or any other board. I give the rant an 11.

And I think Creed sucks too.

I don’t know who I hate more, Creed, or those poor pathetic souls who like Creed. Anyone who can actuallly listen to those no-talent scum sucking fairy ass clowns and supports their shitty “I wish I were Eddie Vetter but I don’t open my mouth all the way when I sing” music deserves to have their genitals cut off and fed to their mothers.

Why the hell does a cool band like Great White have to have all of their fans burned and trampled while Creed fans are left to live?

Life is not fair.

You had me at “shit puppet.”

Even Jesus Hates Creed.