Everybody run and hide, the scary Atheist are coming!

I live in one of the biggest markets in the States yet there are only two places I can go see ‘Religulous’.

Both of which I’ve never really heard of.
Fuck! this annoys the hell out of me!
(sorry for the lame rant. Had to get it off my chest)

In Madison there is one place.

OTOH, I can see Beverly Hills Chihuahua on two screens.

Um… never mind.

They had to make room for all the screenings of An American Carol.

I just got off the phone with the Pope, and he says that he didn’t make any calls- it’s just that not enough people want to see the movie to make it worth it for theaters to show it.

Of course, he did then order me and all other Catholics to go see “Beverly Hills Chihuahua,” so maybe he wasn’t being entirely on the up-and-up.

He’s a real card, that Pope.

I guess molesting all those children makes him prankish?

Just a guess…

Hey, some theatres prefer to show films most people might want to see.

Agreed. Maybe there just aren’t that many people who want to see films about atheists (at least, that’s what I assume the film is about, given the thread title) in Dallas?

Isn’t that kind of the point the OP is making: Most people want to avoid scary Atheists.
I’m a scary Atheist. At least I look scary in my underpants.


Religulous is an independent film with lousy distribution and a limited release. Did you really expect it to show up at the IMAX?

It’s playing on 500 screens nationwide. How many of those would you expect to be in Dallas?

Movie Rev. Theaters Wks Avg./ Pct. Total
(mln) Theater Chg. (mln)
8. Fireproof 4.07 852 2 4,776 -40 12.5
9. An American Carol 3.81 1,639 1 2,325 – 3.8
10. Religulous 3.5 502 1 6,972 – 3.5


Interesting stats from this weekend- Religulous opened in 1/3 the number of theatres as Carol but took in almost as much money (3x more per theatre).
The Christian drama Fireproof was ahead of both in its second week, but Religulous still made 50% more per theatre.

Fireproof & Carol may do well where I am. I do plan on seeing Carol. I’d be surprised if Religulous did well if it gets here.

Btw, just because people might not want to see Bill Maher make fun on what they hold sacred doesn’t mean Bill’s a “scary Atheist”. He’s just not a really insightful or interesting one. Heck, the TV ads for it don’t exactly show him as some font of “brilliant Mark Twain shit” (to quote Otis in The Devil’s Rejects),

(Btw, he still claims agnosticism/“apatheism”, not atheism.)

Edit note: I tried in vain to line up the stats at the top of the post. Just go to the link to see them.

Most theater showed Gigli.

Actually, it’s that most people want to avoid Bill Maher.

Gigli got bashed by a bunch of people who never saw it because everyone was sick of the whole Bennifer thing at that point. It’s actually not a bad movie and way better than 99.99% of the PG-13 turd-on-celluloid time-wasters that infest theatres at any given time and get 5s and 6s on IMDB.

What are you, like Affleck’s pool boy, or something? That movie got deserved raspberries. It sucked like a Hoover.

<twists toe on the ground>


I’m entirely uninterested in seeing it, and I am an atheist. I’m with everyone who points out that probably people just aren’t all that bothered.

I’m not scared of atheists. I am one. I don’t need a more famous atheist to reassure me that religion is bunk. I might be interested in the film if it offered (1) fresh insight or (2) lotsa larfs. Critical opinion seems to be negative on 1 and split on 2.

I don’t mind if it offers nothing new. What pleases me is that it is adding to the stuff out there that is making a case for Atheism. Even if it’s same-old-same-old it is some more of it. And it is a sign of a progression towards Atheism becoming the norm. (as it should be)

And I think it might be the first anti-theist piece of art that is a Movie! IMO movies have the greatest power to spread a message to the highest number of people.

I’m guessing this is you then…