Everybody run and hide, the scary Atheist are coming!

Don’t mess with Batman when he’s prepared!

Yeah, pisses me off, too, but doesn’t surprise me considering there’s a church every fourth block and a mega church every fifty miles. The Angelika theaters are nice. The downtown one is right off the DART station. The one in Plano is smaller, but I like it better. Here’s the website. They usually run indie films.

Atheists who aren’t happy with Bill Maher as a spokesman? Settle down. He’s not an atheist and said as much on a recent Daily Show.

I’m an atheist, and I don’t even want a spokesman. But I’m fine with what Bill Maher says about religion, even if he does call himself an agnostic.

I will use this as an example when I try to convince my kids that West is not as clueless as he plays on Family Guy.

You don’t want to point out that he was “Batman!”? Or that he did softcore porn? (Lady Chatterly’s Lover 2)

Yeah, isn’t that part of the attraction? We don’t need a spokeperson.

…the other 10 being him chanting “Gosh-un-gah-hoo, Gosh-un-gah-hoo, now you are one of us, now you are one of us…!”